Extremely rare or Unobtainable Customizations?

Hey guys, new to the Forum here. My friends and myself especially are skin and head hunters for Borderlands 2. We’re hunting all the current skins and heads currently available. I want to break the unending discussion of the rarest customization’s that are in the current Borderland’s Handsome Jack Collection such as; The Dahl Efficiency Skins, The Loyalty skins: Cyanide, Empress, Shadowy Warrior, Teal Me The Truth, Steampunky and STILL HEAR THE SCREAMIES, and the Community Day 2013 Skins and Heads. I wanted to make a current up to date forum to see if they are still able to be found and if anyone wants to help take the challenge of finding these rare beauties and upload images. I do know that the Poker Night 2 Heads and Skins are still a bit screwy, and the Gearbox skins and Goliath heads are unobtainable through normal means, but I hope I can finally end this topic for everyone once and for all.

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Someone just posted that they’d found the Gaige Community day skin (or head, forget which). And there have been a few posts of the elusive Dahl efficiency skins. So yes, they are obtainable by legitimate means, but it can take a LONG time since the odds are so low for world drops (plus there’s tons of other stuff you can get instead.)

True, but I’m a collectivist by heart, I have a friend who farms guns, but I farm skins and heads, since I know now that they are obtainable I will farm them as well, I just wanted to create a topic dedicated to this subject so everyone wouldn’t have to dig for a while or search on the Wiki for the info that isn’t there. I have time and patience as I’m an old rpg gamer, loot farming is just like power leveling, it requires an insane amount of patience and a lot of cussing lol.

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[quote=“VulcanofaKhan, post:3, topic:1562496”]loot farming … requires an insane amount of patience and a lot of cussing[/quote]If you’re going after a specific piece of loot by re-killing a specific enemy? Sure. For something in the world pool… just have fun playing however you want and keep your fingers crossed?

It won’t be easy to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know if theres a reliable link for all the available skins/heads anywhere?
Im wouldnt mind checking to see what I need still.

Yes, there’s a Google docs spread sheet that lists them all. You can save a copy locally (in a variety of different formats). Here’s the direct link:


Edit: I think that list may be slightly out of date? I had a forum post link somewhere - will see if I can find it for you.

Thanks bud.
Ill make a note of the rare ones so I know to save them.

I couldn’t find the more up-to-date version. The one I linked is older than the one I have downloaded on my laptop, but I can’t seem to find the link for that. Maybe check the wiki to see if there’s a link there? Or maybe @DeputyChuck, @Gulfwulf or @MidnightNova know where to find it?

All of the head and skin information (including location and how to obtain) should be under each VH’s page on the wiki. I haven’t ported any of it over here though.

Edit: I believe the Community Day heads and skins were added as rare world drops.

I meant the google docs spreadsheet. Mirrorada had created one initially when they compiled the heads and skins pages for each character on the old forum. Someone had updated it to include the Community Day heads and skins, but I can’t find where I got that particular version from any more.

Ah. Those should still be on the old forums.

Agreed. Or, you can have an awesome borderlands friend like @barbrouge391 that will hold and gift to you cause he already has it. Thanks again Barb. Loving that new head on my Maya.

Edit: BTW, the rumors are true! :scream:
the community day head I was gifted disappeared from my backpack when I picked it up, saved and quit. Be warned! you’ll have to equip it in the game you grab it in, FYI.

They are, but a link to the updated spread sheet is not. So I’m really not sure what happened to that - I don’t think I’d simply edited the original file myself and added in the Community Day information? I’m not even sure if Mirrorada was still active at the time? Not seeing a forum name for them.

I haven’t heard this. If you find them yourself do they disappear or just if you’ve been given them?

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There’s a warning to this effect on the initial announcement about the Community Day skins. I thought it had been patched later, but apparently not? Paging @JoeKGBX for confirmation.

My buddy had it unlocked already when he ran across Maya’s community day head via scag pile in WEP. My buddy put it in his bank for me. So I can’t confirm if you can save it in your backpack if it’s your game.

He took it out of his bank and dropped it for me. I picked it up and did the BAR on/off force save trick and dropped it back on the ground. I then dboarded and loaded back up and started my game to see if it was still in my backpack. it was not.

So, I joined my buddies game again and it had disappeared from where I had dropped it. it was visually gone. But, my buddy was still standing in the same spot so he casually checked the ground and it was there, just invisible. so I ran over and check myself and sure enough, it was there. It just was not visible. So I picked it back up and in fear of loosing it completely by saving with it in my backpack. i just equipped it and went straight to the quick change station and put the head on my Maya before save/quitting. I was trying to make a copy for myself cause my game has glitched 3 times now loosing my heads/skins and BAR. it takes a ton of time to find all these heads/skins again. so I have been making back-up copies so-to-speak that I load on a heads/skins mule I’ve created. I actually have a heads mule and a skins mule cause there are so many of them. lol

I’ll have to look into this one.

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There was, but it should have been fixed in the patch from last October. Maybe it slipped through? Hopefully Joe can shed some light on it.

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If I find any I think other people might want ill pop them in my bank , just in case.

Imagine if they’ve been dropping all over the place , and no-one knew because they were invisible!

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