Extremophile Bug?

So I always go with his helix because I won’t heal until I have a full stack but for some reason even when I have a full stack, she will heal somebody as if it weren’t a full stack. I know this because the down side to this helix option is that it decreases the minimum value by 33% and you can definitely tell. Has anyone ever experienced this? I feel as if when you have the three dots feeled you still have to shoot more in order for it to work which is kind of dumb.

[quote=“siralex505, post:1, topic:1540212, full:true”]Has anyone ever experienced this?

I’m not entirely sure what Alani’s actual heal range is, but I’ve always had the feeling that Extremophile leaves the average value of her heal the same. The reason why I think this is bad (unless you’re taking it specifically to get the Wellspring lore challenge done because it allows you to push up higher heals at lower levels and increase the number of chances you get to throw out the big heals needed), is because, a lot of the time, the top end of your healing is going to be eaten by overheal (e.g. if a target is only down 800 hp and you heal for 1200, you had 400 points of wasted overheal; also, keep in mind, the game only puts up the numbers for actual healing, so it would show 800 in that situation, not 1200, even though you had the capacity to heal fro 1200); those occasions when you need a really big heal, you’re just as likely to get an inferior heal as a superior heal (which is probably what you’re experiencing; you don’t notice the big heals because they’re wasted on overheal and notice the small heals when you need the really big heals).

Personally, I think Extremophile is a bit of a noob-trap. It seems like it’d be good, but the downsides make it mediocre, at best (especially since the other good option at that level is Full Saturation which is amazing).

Kitru made an excellent point with the overheal. Also, looking for heal numbers mid-combat can be a distraction. You might want to consider checking the ‘Single Greatest Wellspring Heal’ in the post-mission result screen instead. :wink:

I can only agree with that, the DR is Badass enough on it’s own - allowing someone to stay alive until you’re back at three stacks. But if you’re using it on a char with natural DR (Gear or Helix) it gets even better (a good Montana will love you for it :smile:).

Also, a big Thank You @Kitru: Your thoughts on taking the Whitewater Helix in this thread made me experiment with my Build & Gear again :+1: