Exuse me. can i upgrade my legendary stuff :O?

I got tons of legendary stuff from my pre order 80$ pack . but its low level from me now . and I got
legendary gun from my play too . but Host is newbie. so its always turn to level 48 or 49 . Can I upgrade it to level 50 :o ?


No you can’t upgrade drops to lvl 50.
But I did see one post, the guy said that when you claim the pre-order loot from your mail, it scales to your character level. So I believe you can get a character to level 50 and then claim it. But I haven’t seen any proof of this working yet.

@ Pr0we

You´re right.
The level of the Items is determed on the Level your Char opens it.
I didi it for the “moneygrenade” (forgot the Name) to check if it does Damage on Lvl 50.
Created a new Char, brought it to 50 and the Items were 50 as well.
But you stil shouldn´t expect Damage.:grinning:

I think, the Items are a very little help to start but there is absolutelyy no need for them in the Endgame.

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