Eyefinity / Surround "support". Problems and Solutions. Gearbox pls

Firstly, the game supports 5760x1080. The HUD and UI do not.

This game looks AMAZING on three monitors. The extra view of the battlefield is crucial.
Unfortunately, the HUD just goes nuts and does some things that make actually playing very difficult.

Even with tweaking the HUD bounds, your health, abilities, and minimap are located in the center of the two side screens. Not being able to see those 3 crucial bits of information easily leads to death swiftly.

On top of that, the helix tree is just glitchy. I have not encountered the problem of it being stretched to three times its size, however half of the helixes are flashing, or invisible, or otherwise just wonky. Not a huge issue. The box that pops up and shows you which map has been selected is also the size of the entire center monitor, some of it is even cut off. The popup notifications “USER Logging in”, “Saving loadout”, the ones that have your username and steam icon, those are completely invisible and showing up under the viewable area of the screen on the right. The chat dialog box is ENORMOUS on the left side screen, but you can’t see what you’re typing. The confirmation popups for purchasing loot packs and maybe platinum stuff are stretched horizontally but functional. Again, not game breaking, but certainly not good either.

There is a temporary fix per match that has to be done each and every game, but does fix the UI issues almost entirely, which leads me to believe that it would be a pretty easy fix on GBX’s end to just give us widescreen users a usable HUD. The chat box is mostly the only thing that is still a problem.

If you start your game in 5760x1080, hit Alt+Enter to go to Windowed Mode. This is important, because changing the resolution to 1920x1080 while still in fullscreen stretches everything awfully and makes it impossible to even click on things. Go into windowed mode, then change the resolution to 1920x1080. Start a match (story or versus), select your character and loadout, watch the intro, start the game. Once you’re actually in the match you can go back into Options>Video, change your resolution back to 5760x1080, hit Alt+Enter to go back to fullscreen and voila, you’re in fullscreen widescreen and all your HUD elements are centered as they should be. Even the helix and popup problems go away.

Now I’m no programmer or developer, but if simply switching the resolution (which unfortunately is a pain in the ass to do every single match) can center these things and fix other issues, certainly there is some relatively easy way to fix it.

I know I’m in the minority of users here with these problems. Eyefinity and Surround are getting more and more popular with the lower prices of monitors, and higher power of GPU’s, but we are still often overlooked when it comes to proper support.

GBX please, help us out. I would love a response from someone up there to at least let me and the other dozen or so widescreen users know that we aren’t invisible, and that you know of our plight.