F*ck this! (Just be aware that you / can do it)

Was looking borderlands stuff online and got to this site.
I just want people to be aware (because if there’s a site like this there’s obviously people being scammed) that they should not pay for this services; and if so the credit (and $$) should be going to the people who made/design the programs that make this things possible (gibbed-willowtree) (as in this site they are probably using this software).
Is really easy to use this programs on your own, they’re meant to be user friendly.
So don’t get ripped off and enjoy the games you already paid for in any way you want.
Make a donation or something, but don’t pay for this.

(Edit by PH: link removed)

That’s a very old site.

And yes, it’s pathetic. But please, don’t link to it. Also:
Discussing third party software on consoles breaches the forum rules.

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