F**k Deadlift tvhm

I need a shock resistant shield. I started this fight with 30k and now cant afford grenades, lvl 29 longnail if you can help me out

You should be able to nail him with the Longnail without the shock immunity shield but you need to get above him so you can see where he is. If you can get a clear shot while he’s fiddling with one of the stations that charges up the floor, you can take a good chunk off him right there. Just keep a wary eye on your mini-map for scavs sneaking up behind you.

I slayed him shortly after posting, so satisfying.

He must have been afraid of facing the hordes of vault hunters, and simply gave up the fight :wink:

wait til uvhm…

I’m in uvhm and can’t do ■■■■ against him, help please.

Who are you playing as? I recently did this with Athena @ level 53, using a level 50 Vibrapulse and a nice shock sniper (from the end of TVHM). Actually surprised that I did it on the second attempt…

I think one of the quest rewards for the children’s story quest Springs gives you is a green shock Maliwan sniper rifle (not a hundred percent sure, but I have gotten one every time I completed the quest). It’s good against Deadlift, so you should acquire it if you haven’t got anything better. As for the fight itself, I like to stay in the area with the small staircase that is just across the entrance. Deadlift doesn’t come there that often so you could use the sniper rifle from that location. If he does come there, just relocate until he leaves.

Stepped away from this game for months, last night finally got him with a shock sniper and a Torgue spitter. Now I have to help my brother get past him.

Deadlift is 95% shield
Get a shock gun, it’s a must.

Those big homing balls are hard to deal with. I usually try to locate another enemy and stay within range of him to get my second wind. Otherwise, just get close to him and shoot him in the head.

Or shoot them out of the sky…