F2P Edition release idea

totally agree…

So you’d rather have a paid game with no players than a F2P?

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The game doesn’t have no players - It has a low player count.

Would I prefer the game to have a small pool of dedicated fans or for it to have an influx of people who don’t care about it, who will abandon it in favor of the next FoTM F2P game in a week or two?

Yes, I will take the small pool of players who paid thanks.

As someone who has played many games that have started on a premium model and gone F2P (for example Rift, SWOTR, Wildstar etc) I can say they all suffered from it and I no longer play any of them.

More players would be great but not by way of the game-death-tainting that is F2P.

Thing is, it’s not only about players.
Some peoples make a living out of this game’s results on the market.

Once again, was going to make my own topic on this, but then I was alerted to this topic via the “Suggestions” thing that popped up. Props to the person at Gearbox who designed this forum, Very nicely done :wink:

Anyway, as to the whole thing of Battleborn going F2P, I certainly wouldn’t be upset if it did, but I also wouldn’t be all too surprised.

I mean, just look at what happened to Evolve recently when it went free to play, and that game has been slowly plodding along at a few hundred players for the last 8-10 months:

If the game did go F2P, I think they would need to do a few things:

  1. Everyone that bought the game gets all the current characters unlocked, while the people who play for free would only be able to play as set characters that were on the standard MOBA rotation system. They would be able to buy the characters with either Platinum or the in game currency (but would need to pay the 47k like we currently do for Alani).

  2. People who paid for the Season pass content would still get what they paid for. Everyone else has to pay for it.

  3. Story mode DLC would still have to be bought. Not sure how the current story would be done though. Maybe either leave it free, give people the prologue and the first two episodes (same as the beta) and they pay to unlock the rest, or free people have to pay for the whole campaign (don’t like that one personally, but it’s an option).

I don’t think they’d make it free to play THIS soon after it’s launch, but if they did decide to do it, they’d probably aim to do it once all the Season Pass content has been delivered, so maybe sometime beginning of next year?

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Too late to fix… 570 player in game on a friday evening on PC. It’s dead, nothing will revive it and it’s sad.

You have absolutely zero clue what you’re talking about. Look what happened to the playerbase of Evolve after it just went F2P. As of right now, 11:40 EST on a Saturday morning, there’s freaking over 34 THOUSAND players. If any game was dead, it was Evolve.

Yeah, but from what I heard, Turtle Rock Studios had to make some pretty drastic changes to the gameplay in order to bring people back in.

I can only hope GBX don’t have to do the same thing, but right now, a free weekend might help boost the numbers a bit

Evolve runs better on my pc tho(ATi card) and there’s been no fix since launch.

How I think Battleborn can be improved:

1. Move Through Allies

  • I’ve had too many times that I tried to retreat or move somewhere, but then an ally or minion blocked my way. Both in PvE and PvP. This is very frustrating if you then get killed that way. In every game this is often a problem they don’t see.

  • So I suggest making it so that you can move through allies, but there is a vector coming from the middle of the character controllers that pushes them apart. Like what happens in Team Fortress 2. This way players can move past each other without problems. And they won’t be clipping into each other, causing weird physics and damage detection.

2. Free To Play

  • First off: WHY? The player base is just too small. Waiting times are boring. I want a lot of friends to join in, but they don’t want to spend the money. They want to try the game.

  • Why would it work? Well, Evolve is a good, recent example. Their players base increased immensely. Gearbox also needs money, and the platinum skins and taunts is a dick move, leeching off the people that were devoted to them.

  • The story missions would become DLCs, expect the prologue and maybe the algorithm. For like 2 euros each?

  • Add typical F2P items, like credit and xp boosters (which you can buy with credits)

  • Remove platinum currency, and add the option to buy credits with real money.

  • Merge Meltdown and Incursion. The less game modes, the more players play it. But a Capture match takes 10 minutes, while a Meltdown or Incursion match takes 30 minutes. And I think most people prefer to have to option to play a short or long match.

  • The players that bought the game already get the story missions for free. They would also get some of those xp and credit boosters

  • The players that bought the game for 30-60 euros or more (I bought it for 20). Would get more of those boosters. And they get some DLCs for free, as gearbox needs to make some amends with them.

Buy credits with money!? So many will say it’s p2w

I bought Battleborn for the PvE, If they ever go F2P I just hope they keep the PvE behind a paywall and keep releasing more as DLC.

Meltdown almost never takes more than 20. Incursion takes almost thirty regularly.

I think if Battleborn were to go free to play. It should not include the campaign.

I wish Brink went Free to Play.

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When Battleborn switches to F2P(it’s a matter of how long at this point), they aren’t going to offer a refund to those of us who have paid for the game and season pass. They’ll gives us ‘founder’ titles or something, maybe some sort of elite status or something, but otherwise we will all have to get used to the F2P system as well.

Personally I am kind of looking forward to when the devs rebrand the game and re-release it as F2P. It helped EVOLVE massively, and I hope they take a few lessons from the developers over there.

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Same. I’m looking forward to the day I check Steam Stats for this game and see 10,000+ playing on a regular basis.

I’m all for some sort of a free demo on all three platforms but I don’t think F2P needs to enter the conversation. As to what the demo would contain, I don’t know but it’s certainly an idea worth pursuing and I’m confident Gearbox is already on the case. Battleborn was designed from the ground-up to be a premium experience sold at retail price so I think we should continue to treat it like one.

Some common themes I see in various forums and YouTube comments are usually similar to one of the following:

(1) If Battleborn is like a MOBA, why isn’t it free like LoL or DOTA 2?

(2) If it sells stuff in-game like a F2P MOBA, why isn’t F2P?

(3) I can’t afford to buy Battleborn but I would play it if it was F2P.

(4) I don’t really understand what the game is and I don’t know if I’ll like it so I’d like to try it before I buy it.

I understand the resounding success of games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 have inadvertently married the MOBA genre with the F2P business model. The longer we get something for free, the less willing we are to want to pay for it. This forum is by no means an example of this perspective but I think if some prospective players could shake that sense of entitlement, the decision of whether buy Battleborn would be no different than any other AAA retail game.

I think this relates very strongly to (1). I’ve had my say about the structure of the in-game marketplace which you can read here. As far as I’m concerned, if it was developed before certification then it should be on the disc. Anything finished thereafter is fair game for add-on content. I think the pricing of the premium currency and in-game marketplace items too closely resembles the marketplaces of F2P mobile games that deliberately make exchange rates complex so as to make it difficult for you to keep track of how much you’re spending. As I say in my linked post above, I think it’s a misstep that isn’t helping the game fight the perception by many as a F2P game with a retail price tag. At least there are no RNG boxes.

Lack of necessary finances is something we adults (unfortunately, right? lol) run into from time to time, especially when it comes to funds available for leisure activities. I wish everyone could afford this amazing game but as is the case with basically every other AAA game, some people can afford it and others cannot. Simply because a large enough group of prospective players are not able to afford a AAA game does not necessarily mean it should be F2P instead.

Battleborn can be difficult to describe, especially to someone who hasn’t done their homework. The prevalence of demos for AAA games was not uncommon in the previous console generation. Does anyone else remember the demo for Mass Effect 3? I think it was the first mission plus the full co-op multiplayer wave-defense mode. Now THAT was a proper demo! It was enough for you to play and decide whether to buy it but it didn’t feel like you played the whole game. Battleborn needs its own Mass Effect 3 demo. If Gearbox can make that happen, I think Battleborn will begin to grow substantially on all three platforms and we can put all this F2P talk to rest for good :smile:

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I play battleborn from Australia, queue times are 20+ minutes to find a game in incursion (the other modes, don’t bother you won’t find a game).
The community has gotten too small for a MOBA, even when you get in a game it’s with people you have been playing your last 2 matches with (another barrier for any new player as they are matched with people who already have an understanding of the game and the characters).
Battleborn is a good game, it’s fun and I don’t want it to die out. It needs to go free to play to survive.
I recommend doing something along the lines of:
Give free to play players a weekly rotation of 5 or 6 characters of mixed roles (tank, healer, dps).
Allow free to play players to purchase new champions for in game currency (don’t make them all 47500 though, that’s a ridiculously high amount, people would quit before they buy their first character or they would buy one then realise they don’t like the character then quit). Restrict their access to skins, taunts and the story campaign. Give them the option to upgrade their account to standard battleborn edition.
Stop selling the season pass. For the people that already bought it give them all the existing skins and taunts and all future champions for free (maybe give them some unique founder titles or podiums under their characters on character select).
Since you mainly get gear from story mode, battleborn will need another way of giving gear to the playerbase, maybe at the end of each game the losing team gets 1 piece of random gear and the winning team gets 2 pieces of random gear

just wanted to link my thread I created a while ago and where GBX officially responded:

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They need to sort out these Australian/New Zealand server connection problems first. An entire market of buyers who support the product are being locked out. Ridiculous.