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We’re excited to launch the Battleborn Free Trial, and even more excited about what this means for the dedicated Battleborn community. With this Free Trial, we hope to bring lots of new players into Battleborn to experience the incredible, chaotic battle for the very last star in the universe.

It has been a joy and a privilege to interact with the Battleborn community over the past year, and we want to show you how much you mean to us. We consider you our Founders and we’ve created something special just for you. Everyone who purchased and played the retail version of Battleborn prior to the release of the Free Trial on June 6th, 2017 has been credited the Founder’s Bonus. When you log into Battleborn, the Founder’s Bonus will already be granted to your account. Head to your Command center to open the new loot packs, equip your title, and spend that sweet Platinum.


  • 1,000 Platinum
  • 50,000 Credits
  • Exclusive “Founder” player title
  • Gold skins for Mellka and Deande
  • 5 Core Loot Packs
  • 1 of each Command Faction Pack (5 total)
  • 1 Exclusive “Founder Loot Pack” that includes…
    • 1 guaranteed piece of legendary gear
    • 1 guaranteed piece of legendary boss gear
    • 2 guaranteed pieces of common (or better) gear
    • Guaranteed exclusive legendary “Shard of Solus” gear item (a 0 activation cost LLC Shard Generator)
    • 4 guaranteed Flair items including exclusive “Founder’s Crown” Flair item

How do I know if I received the Founder’s Bonus?

Everyone who purchased and played the retail version of Battleborn prior to June 6th, 2017 has been granted the Founder’s Bonus. To confirm you received the Founder’s Bonus, head to the Command center. On the top left-hand of your screen, you should see an additional 1,000 Platinum and 50,000 Credits by your account name.

Under the Gear tab, you will see several new loot packs, including one named “Founder Loot Pack.” If you cannot access the Gear tab, just jump in a match or two, rank up, and then the Gear tab should be unlocked. The Gear tab is locked for any player below Command Rank 3.

The “Founder” title can be found and equipped from the Career tab. Mellka and Deande’s gold skins can be viewed in their respective character pages, and equipped during the character select phase of a match or mission.

If you’re a Founder and having trouble accessing the Founder’s Bonus content, please reach out to us at 2K Support.

Wait, Flair? What’s that?

Flair is a new cosmetic addition to Battleborn! Special pieces of gear will now have visual components that show up on your hero during a match or mission. There are all kinds of flair items, such as ears, silly hats, horns, and many more to further customize your hero and give them even more attitude. There is a chance to obtain a piece of gear with Flair from any loot pack although gear with Flair is a guaranteed drop from the Magnus Pack, a new loot pack introduced with the arrival of the Free Trial.

To see your Flair on your hero, use Shards to activate that piece of Gear during the match. Once you activate that piece of gear, the Flair will show up on your hero. There are three main types of gear: Horns, Ears and Hats. If you have more than one piece of gear with that particular Flair type in a Loadout, Flair from the gear you most recently activated will be displayed. You can have one of each type active at a time.


Oh, so that’s why after the match I had +1k more platinum ^^. Good stuff.

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Battleborn now has a Free Trial, what does that mean?

The Battleborn Free Trial is a whole new way to experience Battleborn without having to pay a dime. The Free Trial encompasses UNLIMITED Competitive Multiplayer play, including access to all four competitive multiplayer modes, a rotating roster of free playable heroes, and the same character and account growth and progression you would find in the full game.

Yes, with the Free Trial, you can play UNLIMITED Competitive Multiplayer matches, no time limits or artificial level caps. Everyone who downloads the Free Trial will have access to all four competitive modes: Incursion, Meltdown, Capture, and Face-Off, with a fifth mode, Supercharge, arriving on Thursday, June 22, 2017.

Each Free Trial player will also have access to a subset of Battleborn’s 30 unique heroes through a rotating roster of six heroes that changes weekly. Love a hero and want to keep playing after the roster changes? No problem! Unlock your favorite hero from the in-game Marketplace using Credits earned while playing matches. Or with Platinum premium currency, unlock your favorite heroes and customize them with a myriad of skins and taunts.

When is the Free Trial available?

The Free Trial is now available globally on Steam and Xbox One, and is available in the Americas on PS4. For Sony Europe and Sony Japan, the Free Trial will be available starting June 13, 2017.

How can I access the Free Trial?

The Battleborn Free Trial is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox one, and Steam. Search for Battleborn in the PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam stores and head to the store page. Each page will have a “Try Now” button to download the Free Trial.

PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold memberships are required to play the Free Trial.

Enjoying the Free Trial and want more?

We love that you’re enjoying Battleborn’s Competitive Multiplayer! If you’re interested in unlocking more heroes, further customizing your favorite hero, or even playing the Story Mode missions, there’s a whole Marketplace to choose from. Keep reading to see how you can upgrade your Battleborn experience.  


What does it mean to upgrade Battleborn?

Upgrading Battleborn means getting access to the full base game, including unlocking all 25 base characters, all eight Story Mode missions and the Prologue, and permanent access to private matches.  

What happens to my Free Trial progress when I upgrade?

When you upgrade Battleborn from the Free Trial to the full base game, all of your player progression stats – Command Rank and Character Rank – will carry over. Character challenges and masteries will also carry over, and you will be granted access to earn the character masteries that are only available through Story Mode missions.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam achievements or trophies will also be granted upon upgrading to the full game. In order to complete the transfer of challenges, masteries, achievements, and trophies, complete the task one more time by hopping into a match or mission to complete the action (ex. get a kill, play as a Peacekeeper) and earn the corresponding reward.

How do I upgrade to the full game?

To upgrade digitally, the full game can be found in the PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam digital storefronts. If you want to hoof it to get a physical disc, there’s a chance you can snag the base game for a nice discount at your favorite retailer.

Remember: on console, if playing the game with a physical disc, the disc is required to be in the console tray to play the full game. Ejecting the disc from the console tray will revert the game to the Free Trial version with unlimited Competitive Multiplayer gameplay AND any a la carte content you purchased. You WILL keep any a la carte purchases you may have made, such as characters, taunts, or Story Operations. Pop the disc back in and you’re back to the full version.

What’s included in the Season Pass Bundle?

Season Pass content is available within the Battleborn in-game Marketplace for anyone to purchase, whether you have the full game or the Fee Trial. This includes all five replayable Story Operations and heroes 26 through 30 (Alani, Pendles, Ernest, Kid Ultra, and Beatrix). Each Story Operation also includes a variety of skins, taunts, and titles that you can unlock by playing the Operation.

What if I already own characters or a Story Operation when I upgrade?

Great question! If you upgrade to the full game or purchase the Season Pass bundle, AND you already own some of the content in the bundle, you will be credited the value of that content in Credits, the currency earned in-game.

For example, if you already own three Battleborn heroes (let’s say Thorn, Boldur, and Alani), and want to upgrade to the full base game, you will be granted earned Credits for the heroes that are part of the base game (Thorn and Boldur). Alani is a DLC hero (heroes 26 through 30) and was part of the Season Pass, not the base game. As such, her Credits value would not be included when upgrading to the base game.

Not ready to upgrade?

Not a problem! There are many a la carte options to suit how you want to play. Check out the in-game Marketplace to get as many extras or as few as you want. From boosters that will increase your XP gain for a day, to the full package of Season Pass content complete with five Story Operations and heroes 26 through 30. The choice is yours.

In the Marketplace, you’ll find a number of items that can be purchased with Credits earned in-game or Platinum premium currency.

  • Battleborn Heroes
  • Cosmetics skins and taunts
  • Gear packs
  • XP and Loot Boosters
  • Additional Loadouts and Bank pages
  • Story Operations, individually or as part of the Season Pass bundle
  • And more!


What can I expect as a new player or if I haven’t played Battleborn in a while?

There have been TONS of updates, additions, and changes to Battleborn since launch – Over 1,600 changes, in fact! Keep going to see what the big changes are for new players.

Novice Queue – With the launch of the Free Trial, we’re also introducing a queue specifically for new players. This queue was created just so new and lower rank players can learn the ropes without having to go up against more experienced players. Even if you’re a quick learner or an experienced MOBA player, we wanted to give you enough time to find your Battleborn play style and favorite heroes.

Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck in the Novice Queue forever. Once you reach Command Rank 20, the Novice Queue will disappear and you will be able to join other Battleborn players in the regular queues.

Matchmaking is an ever evolving process that we’re continually working on. As more players join Battleborn, we will keep refining this process using players’ Elo ranking to make it the best experience possible.

Free Hero Rotation – Each week six of Battleborn’s 30 unique heroes will be available for everyone to play. This weekly rotation will give you the opportunity to play all of Battleborn’s heroes and find your favorites. If you love a hero and don’t want to wait for them to be back in the rotation, you can permanently unlock that hero from the in-game Marketplace.

Training Modes – Prior to the Free Trial, we introduced brand new training modes to help players of all skill levels master Battleborn.

  • Incursion Tutorial: Build up your Competitive Multiplayer skills and learn the key elements of PVP combat in Battleborn with the Incursion Mode Tutorial.
  • The Dojo: Take each and every Battleborn hero for a test drive! Learn how to slice, dice, blast, smash, and rocket your way through waves of minions. The Dojo allows you to try out each Battleborn hero without having to unlock them in the Marketplace or wait for them to be on the free rotation.


I’m a little late
Im excited


All the Deande mains fially got their gold skin :stuck_out_tongue:


Why is this only 1.8 shards per second? :joy:

Edit: Answered my own question, it has no negative I guess

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I’m glad to have been part of your year long extended beta.

Competitive and Casual only queue’s have never been popular and you always end up changing them eventually. So rather than wait this one out can we please cut the middle time and switch the queue’s? I’d settle for some way of being able to choose game type without having to solo draft.

“Try Trial Now” Button is not appearing on the steam store :[

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Where is the marketing?

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what? why?

Unfortunately It’ll be a while until founders start seeing newer players more regularly with the novice queue, but at least they won’t be pup stomped on their first day.

so i just checked ps store and its not on their. is the trial coming out for ps4 too?

Am I the only one slightly aroused by this news?


It’s up now.

You had to wait until 9am PST for it to pop up. You can download it now as the demo.

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Yep, here it’s on steam:


Now let’s pray for thousands of new and cool players and good matchmaking.


Gold Deande gold Deande gold Deande!!!


Gold Deande is too good for you. >.>