F4de Away could use a rework for M4

I know this topic sounds hilarious, but I feel F4de Away is not in a great place in M4 for mobbing. For bossing, it still serves its role respectably - though in large part it is simply a vehicle for Leave no Trace and its interaction with Torgue stickies. The big problem is in mobbing, where currently its capability in burst DPS is sorely lacking.

The +850% health and +1000% shields in M4 hit all builds - but some more than others. The massive health scaling means sustained DPS becomes far more important than burst DPS. Unfortunately, F4de Away specializes in burst DPS - which means its viability is hurt alot. This applies to both base F4de and GiTM.

Base F4de Away’s damage buff just isn’t enough, especially since F4de Away cannot conventionally benefit off anointments, which is what M4 seems to have been built around. I run a build using Jakobs Shotguns and snipers which shred in M3, but in M4 I can level off the full 3 shots of a 20+ pellet stagecoach point blank in the face of a COV/Maliwan Badass, and he just won’t die. And often regular mobs don’t die either - its honestly really underwhelming.

GiTM wasn’t hit as hard - but I wouldn’t say its much better, because Base F4de was generally better in M3. The 5-7s duration is just too short to do anything meaningful, and the exaggerated enemy health means the chance of reloading while trying to kill a badass or tougher mob is really high.

F4de Away was in a decent place in M3, but clearly, it isn’t doing so well in M4 - because 1) Burst Damage really suffers 2) M4 is scaled around anointments which F4de Away cannot benefit from outside of very specific builds. So I feel F4de Away needs a decent boost for M4 (perhaps specifically only for M4, if that is somehow possible). This can be done in 1 of several ways.

  • Give increased weapon damage in F4de Away or increase the crit modifier of F4de Away and Unblinking Eye
  • Give anointments in the next DLC which actually increase your damage in F4de Away
  • Increase GiTM’s duration
  • Provide a class mod whim increases the viability of F4de Away (though that would pigeonhole all builds to that class mod).
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I’m hoping all your points come in the next dlc it’s sad that fade away us the only one in fl4ks tree with useless annointed. I feel the same for moze she needs a complete 100%change in all her anointed effects except the cool down reduction one and the health and shield increase one