Fabricator MK II dropping loot out of the map half the time

Happened to my friend and I on our first playthrough, figured was maybe a one off, but no. Happens like 50% of the time when farming it, trying to get annointed cannon. Happening to anyone else?


I’m guessing you’re using it in Sanctuary, which has quite a few hole-ridden floors. I’ve used it right inside Marcus’ place without losing anything that I noticed, so you might want to try it there.

I mean the boss Fabricator Mk2, in the Casino DLC, Half the time when loot spits out, it flies down randomly from the ceiling somewhere, or over the walls… but usually flies way out of bounds of the map… Don’t feel like going all the way back to check the lost loot vendor, to spend another 5minutes running all the way back to the boss. My bad, shoulda been more specific but didn’t wanna spoil anything for people, if it’s even a spoiler, lol.


Yeah. Luckily my partner and I both got our Ion Cannons in the Loot Box. But a bunch of bosses have weird loot issues. Gigamind keeps dropping all his loot literally on top of eachother. Another boss also does this. I forget who now.

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Happens to me as well. The loot is spewing out from the boss “head” thingy and loot doesn’t come out until Fabricator head thing explodes which it can be flung super far and off the map.

Legit why can’t loot just drop in some heavy gravity and in the moment the boss dies? The amount of Ion Cannons I missed and no FT to deal with the boss (gotta sprint to it for 7-10 minutes) is what breaking my soul so hard

Well, adding more context would probably be spoiler territory given the fairly large number of folks still holding out for a Steam release in March…

Other than filing a bug report there’s not much that can be done on the player side.

So the fix to this is you have to be facing the boss when it dies. If your back is turned the loot blasts off.

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Here we have some loot way up high, and if you look at the mini-map we have another that fell through the floor.


Janky, but that’ll work, thanks!

Just ran a marathon to get back and try this out… It worked the first 5 times in a row, then the next 4 in a row still all went out of the map… so Idk what’s going on with it.

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Yeah looking at it for the kill is not working. Just had several in a row explode off the map when I made sure to be staring right at it.

yikes :neutral_face: that have not happened to me yet, fortunately… just a matter of time i suppose.

My seccond time farming the final dlc boss i had this happen

Thats basically on the roof. Atleast its only this 1 time so far


lol same thing just happened again. This is pretty common for me. Don’t know if it’s something to do with how I kill or what.

how do you kill him, throw him off the map?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: degen-3 is my trouble area. he dropped his loot through the floor twice in a row, a few times he didn’t drop anything at all so i’m assuming everything spawned under the floor. lol

yeah that’s messed up, hope this get fixed soon


This is usually around where mine land, generally. Sometimes further back… sometimes more to the left.


I used to have a similar problem with the BNK3R from BL2. As long as I faced him while he went through his death throes the loot usually landed OK. But if my back was turned dealing with a stray loader coming up behind me or something… BNK3R would land backwards, or he would die in mid-air and would start floating up, loot would spray off in weird directions (often off the map), etc.

I haven’t had any problems with Fabricator’s loot but come to think of it, I think I’ve always been facing him when he lootsploded.

Yeah this happened a few times to me and I lost an anointed item. I’m sure was a shredded craps with the rakk attack causes enemies to take 100% extra damage after hit, so if gearbox could drop that in my inbox that would be swell.

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I’m sorry but this made me laugh.
I understand the confusing name.

I’m farming the Fabricator boss for the Ion Canon elemental types, and have missed out on getting any loot a handful of times due to the loot all being blasted out of the area when the Fabricator explodes, or he doesn’t actually drop a single thing! Not even a coin or ammo clip!

I know I can go to Sanctuary and get missed loot from the machine there, but it’s just a hassle to have to run back to the Fabricator afterwards to continue farming.

Just something for the devs to look into :+1: