Fabricator mk II loot going out of bounds too many times

So i decided to farm for a few lv 53 ion cannons and noticed that this has not been fixed yet.
When you kill fabricator he explode and sometimes is sent out of bounds along with his loot.
It happened 3 times on a row on my last farm, so frustrating…
Of course i could go to sanctuary and claim some of the lost loot, but that would kill all the progress on getting to that point of the map to fight the boss.
Hope this is fixed sometime soon.

Pain in the backside it is, you think they would have learned from A9000 with the loot falling through the floor :man_facepalming:

You wanna know something, i wasn’t playing much borderlands these days, but seeing how much gearbox is dedicated to its community and fixed the subject of this post in like 4 days makes me want to play this game a lot more.
Thks guys! Keep up with this excelent work!