Face off details

Particularly of note:
New robo buildable
Uses capture maps
You need to get the masks to the center of the map, not your base


It’s sounds really cool.

Odd question : will the map count toward Kleese lore?? hehehe…


Very interesting. Especially the boss fights. I will have to say though, I am heartily disappointed by it being Capture maps. I don’t think anyone predicted that. Luckily it’s changed but still. I expect the headhunter to be similar to ronin. I now wonder about the length of the match. Shard economy will be interesting depending on how they play it. I fully expect that in Chaos Rumble 5 Kleese’s camping in center will win


I agree so much with this, and hope they will make new maps for this mode eventually… (Not just copy the new capture map.)

I hope there will be more shards though, it really sounds like there will be some tough battles and little time to collect shards. And the less time there is to collect them, the more there should be IMO.


… they’re not really even focusing on making new maps for the current 3 modes, so hopefully your wishes come true and they make one exclusively for Face Off, but I can’t help but doubt it

Wait, I remember seeing that we’re getting 3 new PvP maps in october 13th’s update, but I just assumed they’d be for Face-Off…soooo, what are the new PvP maps for again?

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Oh this will be fun
Gonna get the 13th off for this and the Story Operation.
Mayhaps a few of the forumites will join?

Edit: PSN is VonStoogiN if anyone is interested

I’m so excited for this. :grinning: Headhunters, stealing, and boss battles.

The only thing I’m disappointed about is that they are on Capture maps. :frowning: I hope they make some maps for Face Off.


I don’t know where you saw that, but it appeared it was a lie

This is to be more descriptive apparently so disregard

A shame about re-hashing the Capture maps, but on the other hand all three of the capture maps are pretty neat so I guess I don’t mind TOO much. Plus they’re getting new features for the mode so that’ll be neat.

I hope the 3v3 mode’ll have new levels though cause I feel the current maps would be a bit big for 6 players.

Looking forward to the mode itself! It sounds like kind of a PvPvE, which should be pretty interesting hopefully. It’d be kind of funny if the Varelsi got so buff that the teams’ll have to truce to take them down only to make a mad scramble for the loot.


Someone else pointed out that they are on Capture maps, so I’d think so! That would be super nice; I don’t know about anyone else but I’m having a hard time getting Quick Match games on those maps.

I’m glad that this will give everyone a chance to learn the capture maps, thus getting better at capture.

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Why do i believe 1 team will just camp mid once they are ahead.

Also Melka and Caldy will be dirty in this game mode.


Yep, they’ll just kinda fly around killing things. Benedict has a nice advantage too. Just fly above somebody desperately trying to kill a void walker and Hawkeye em to death, take masks and win. Easy kill easy life easy win

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Yes heh PS4
Didn’t clarify by accident

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Oh I dunno unless you can stun lock the whole enemy team SOMEone should be able to sneak their masks in. Unless there’s some big animation to depositing that doesn’t do anything until it’s over, but I imagine it’ll be similar to depositing Shards in the PvE levels.

This sounds pretty cool, but my initial three questions/comments are:

Capture maps? Cop out.

I wonder how we’ll be able to tell how many masks people have.

If you’re the team that’s behind, is it going to be another awesome snowball effect where the Varelsi still get increasingly difficult based on the higher team’s levels?

Sadly I agree
Probably a number next to health bars
Wow, yet to think about that. Hopefully the wrench/boss is a particularly one sided mechanic. Perhaps there’ll be more shards that spawn on the side of the losing team? More Headhunters could tip the scales

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A sly, if not clever, attempt to rejuvenate interest in Capture by having Face Off take place in Capture maps. While it would be nice to have a different mode with different maps, I’m actually okay with it being the way it is. Capture is extremely fun, if undervalued, so who knows? It might work out in the end

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