Face Off: Discussion, Thoughts, and Stories

So today, a new mode has come into existence. The is an unprecedented event. Please, describe your comebacks, multikills, surprise ledge turnarounds, and more! Write about how much fun you think the mode is, or how you can’t play it because you’re afraid Pendles will appear and take away all of your hard work (he will).


Well in my first match of face off the term face off was taken to literally. Pendles was collecting the faces of his team mates and enemies, then Orendi picked up four spoons and starting stealing eyeballs.

Basically face off was taken too seriously by Orendi and Pendles and the whole match was a disaster


She slumped all of their genetic code, didn’t she? “MUH CORNEAS”

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How does it work?

I’m at school then busy in the evening!

I’m going crazy!

How is it?!?

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5 hours bud. I just put it up a bit early, due to excess hype.

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I can hardly contain my excitement. I’m ready. I am so ready!

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I can’t help but think of you AS Deande. Who would be absolutely thrilled to kill enemies AND Varelsi

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We shall throat slit together then?


Is it out yet? Is it out yet?!?


Nononononope boss

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What I’m waiting for is the chance to see how the mobs will taunt me if they kill me. The Verelsi in capture and the sentry in incursion do it so I hope my failures get to be mocked in brand new ways.


1 hour left for me! SO hyped so ready, so ready so bored so bored. why isn’t it 2 yet? so bored.


I wont be home for many more hours.


Fear not. It’ll still be there in many more hours, young padawan.


Downloading now if anyone is curious.

which platform?

Ps4. I’m in California if location matters.

I just got the update download also. Any idea i we have to down load the DLC seperate as well?

Nah, no need to worry about that. Mine is about a quarter through installation

Woah! That was fun!!