Face off glitches in split screen

I definitely just deposited like 60 masks, and it says I have 0? That’s confusing

Also the number of masks im carrying says 0 even when I pick some up-- I’m playing in split screen so maybe it’s Bc my partner had 0… but that’s really annoying Bc there’s no telling how many each of us has…

Happens with my dad and I. He would play as Pendles and I would play as Deande. We both would go kill some varelsi and then we wouldn’t know how much we have each. So we would gamble on how much we have it would guess wrong which was annoying.

GBX needs to fix this issue


You can’t use the HUD as an indicator unforuntately (despite them having allocated 1/3 the screen to it, apparently they couldn’t split the masks up).

You need to look at the stats in game and it will tell you how many masks you have on hand.


So the “masks” stat is showing how many masks the player is currently carrying, and not how many they have scored? Is the “score” column for how many points you have gotten by handing in masks?

The masks stat refers to how many you have on hand - correct.

There is no tracking in-game for how many you have deposited in total, but this is displayed in the post-game statistics.

This can be a bit annoying if you’re going for the Battleborn of many masks title, since you have to keep track yourself. For this reason I would deposit 200 at a time lol.

The score column refers to your overall score which is calculated based off a variety of stats (I don’t know what the scoring system actually is for face-off, only that killing varelsi quickly seems to give the most score).

It’s at the top of the screen. In between the two bars

Pretty sure it shows our combined amount of masks. Either that, or I am looking at the wrong place

Like exact center of the top of the screen. I know because it becomes 0 after I turn masks in.

I play split with my brother.
I noticed that the masks gathered on the side of the screen, displays player 2s current mask count. Not player 1s. If you want to know how many masks player 1 has, player 2 must look at player 1 in game

Have they given any reasoning as to why the splitscreen is formatted the way it is? Because it’s probably the worst screen layout I’ve ever seen.

Something to do with the aspect ratio :frowning:

But I thought that the reason they chose the animation style that they did was to lower the problems with that in the first place

In split screen there are 2 players sharing the same screen space and it gets lost

Oh my gosh @Gligar35 I’m sorry I didn’t realize split screen. Again, my apologies

OK good. For a second I thought I was half blind

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No prob!

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