Face-off is absolute nonsense

More PVP in PVP please, thanks.

I… Really dislike it. A more hardcore version of Capture. It’s fixed some let downs of capture since it’s much more reliable to level and there are actually shards!

But otherwise… Not my type at all. Constant team fights, the maximum re-spawn counter seems to only be 10s? Kills don’t feel rewarding, deaths don’t feel like they have an impact, the mid point is just a cesspool of ■■■■ and CC and ults.
I do get why they nerfed AOE so heavily now though!

I was very interested in it, but it seems so far that strategy doesn’t come into play as much as I’d hoped. There just isn’t time to do much but fight the enemy team since the maps are so horribly small.
Just smash against the enemy until you win!

And the constant spamming of headhunters… Ugh. 150 shards, really?

Of course, these are just my first impressions. With practice the mode could become much more exciting. But the problem is that with these first impressions I don’t feel like mastering it. So, I’ll likely be playing Story OPS until people start playing Quick match again o7

Oh, one thing I do think is cool is that Melee characters dominate this mode - ranged characters are now at the disadvantage melee characters have always been.

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It’s really, really hard on a red bar connection. I’ve adjusted to my grotesque handicap in the other modes, but the amount of stuff happening in Face-Off makes every rubber band, dropped reload, and delayed skill a nightmare.

I am also convinced that damage output drops in red bar, and having to kill Varelsi as they scuttle around and use their seeking abilities, while headhunters toss in stuns now and then, with a health pool measured for the safety of four-year-olds in flippers…


Hmmm. I’ll take notes on what you all typed. I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve been too busy obtaining everyone’s skins. Is it not fun?

I played one round in it today with a few of the cool peeps here and we won but my heads still spinning.

Absolutely! Even on green bar you can end up shooting a lot of blanks.

I think it’s crazy fun. It’s super team fight oriented. You move as a team to kill varelsi, and then move to deposit them. It’s easy to get distracted by enemies, but if you can wrangle your team, it’s a solid, fun experience.

I just hate seeing kleese and Ernest defending the deposit every.f*cking.game. Out of The 7 matches I played, the enemy team did this strat in 5 of said matches. Literally defending the deposit super hard and letting no one through

I saw this a few times, too. The times that I was in a random match with people not using mics, it worked very well. The times that I was on a team where everyone was using a mic, we just slaughtered that doddering old fool and his annoying pet canary and deposited our shards.

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I view it the way I viewed Meltdown for the longest time - terrifying due to lack of understanding and experience with it!

Just have to keep throwing myself into matches until I “get” it!

I haven’t seen the camp mid strat in my games yet. Stealth folks have been a lot more popular from what I’ve seen. My frustration with the mode so far stems more from watching teammates pile on an enemy BB with no masks while the rest of their group cashes in. Unless they’re actively killing you just let 'em go! They’ll be respawned in time for the next fight anyways and Varelsi give more XP anyhow.

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We were the terror of the Face Off queue tonight, and we never camped the point once. In one of the two games we did lose, we did ultimately fail to break a ridiculously fortified Kleese/Ambra/Ernest bunker, but we were very red bar and were missing key CC skills all over the place.

We’ve formulated a camping-free method which works fine for us and has resulted in some extremely crushing wins (and even grotesque massacres when I get carried away and end up with 20 kills: the snowball effect in this mode is ridiculous, resulting in level 10s against level 3s and 4s.) You can’t just pick Kleese and expect to dominate - a team will single you out and make you miserable.

The boss fight skirmish is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever experienced in Battleborn. I’ve almost gotten more triple kills today than I have in the last 300 hours of playing.

The very THOUGHT of taking my favorite character (Toby) against yours makes me glad that you are on PC while i’m on PS4. A skilled Melka, Phoebe, Thorn or Marquis are the bane of me.

Ok, but why the hell I can’t play face-off with bots? There isn’t even an option for that. You can only play it with other players. I guess the developers forgot that this (bots) is still a thing in this game.


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Bots in face off isn’t supported yet

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It can be an effective strat but there are some key factors in breaking it down.

The major thing is that if Kleese/Ernest/Ambra sets up there from the get-go they remain underlevelled the entire match and can later be overwhelmed.

I’ve played matches against this combo where the Kleese was level 2/3 while I was 8 and I could crush him with ease. The key is to let them have their perch while you diligently farm varelsi and power level. Don’t worry about depositing your masks until much later once you’re powerful enough.

The REAL key to breaking this stalemate comes in the boss fight.

Since everyone gets displaced into the fray, away from the actual map, Kleese becomes extremely vulnerable. Since he’s probably underlevelled and now defenseless, target kleese during the boss fight and his rifts will disappear from the collector if you manage to kill him. You can then rush the deposit after the boss fight.

The power play is the boss fight. Take advantage.


Well sure, just tell everyone our secrets! You don’t get a title for being indiscreet, you know :smirk:

I’m sick of winning with such ease against level 3 lemmings.

Ahahahahaha, that’s a good one!