Face off matches don't count

Just reporting an apparent glitch. Face off matches are not counting toward overall career stats. I’ve won 30 face off matches and my games played and won have not moved.

@Jythri @JoeKGBX

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Hmm, Face-off wins are being counted, but I didn’t notice overall matches played aren’t!

(They’re also tracking “Teleports to base” now? Why?)

The independent column for ‘face off wins’ is counting but it’s not contributing to overall career stats.

I was on 950 matches played 614 wins for 30 straight face off games.

My Deande has 30 something face off wins but apparently only 24 career wins lol.

@Ginger_greninja - Can you post your support ID here so I can flag this to the team? Thanks!

LMAO, I can confirm this is a true story. I’m close to obliterator and I’m not getting credit.

What would they need from me?

ID for every face off match played or just one?

Seems to be a ubiquitous thing so far, not just me.

Just your support ID, that’s all. It’s found in the pause menu under “Support Info”.

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Battleborn profile ID: YKPMBJKR9B


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Thanks! I verified that the team is looking into this one.

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