Face off needs adjustments

Anyone else feel like the new pvp mode is just a camp-fest, and any points scored are basically from people sitting on the drop-off zone, killing people who walk by and taking their points…

To me this would be solved by reducing the speed of drop offs.

Of they stay in the “bank” they are not lvling up. Just outlvl them and flush them away. Remember to drop 1 by 1 to get protection

Drop 1 by 1? What do u mean?

And aren’t they leveling by killing us when we try to drop off? Surely the level difference isn’t that vast

It’s a camp-fest, but not in the direction you think.

The Varelsi spawns grant immense experience and can be rebuilt instantly. Teams who bring free gear (shard gens and wrenches) and then camp the Varelsi points are able to endlessly grind Varelsi, accumulate masks, and gain a huge level advantage. This is especially true because the large shards are placed near the Varelsi, not near the depot, and there’s absolutely no passive xp gain at the depot. There’s also no benefit to handing in masks incrementally - it’s better, time-wise, to drop in all you need in a single trip.

To put this into perspective: when I play with my team, we almost always have our ults before the first boss (five minute mark), and we’re very often level ten by the second boss (ten minute mark.) When we finally swarm the depot, dump in our masks, and win the game, many of the enemy team are sitting at level 4. The members of our team only deposit once, and it’s usually with 200+ masks, and we routinely go straight from 0 to 500 in a single hit of the depot.

As Gali, I’ve earned eight triple kills, one quad, and immeasurable doubles since this game mode came out. In one game, I racked up 20 kills simply by holding the depot endgame against a team that, before we rolled in, had been camping it religiously. That’s how effective it is to be over-leveled when it finally comes time to claim the depot. I’m just about fed up with the stomps, though, and you really need three-four people coordinated to pull this off effectively.

Maybe giving xp for mask turn-ins would be a small, cute way to discourage mask hoarding, but really, I think the mode by design is always going to be imbalanced this way. My best hope is just that other people adopt our strategy so we get some actual opposition in the middle :wink:


Idk man I really do think its just a matter of teamwork. Moreso than the other game modes

I think it’s rough because, right, now this is the de facto game mode (seriously, cannot get a decent Meltdown), yet realistically it’s the mode that should least see casual play because you just can’t beat a communicating team. It doesn’t matter how much Face Off experience you have: if you’re the only person who gets it and the rest of your team is playing Capture, you will never ever win, unless the enemy team is even more disorganized.


Pretty much this. Literally every game I’ve played has come down to the fact one team just gets it and the other team doesn’t understand how to work the objective (aka rotate skulls and capturing)

Side note are they skulls or masks?

I think they are masks

This. Exactly this. I had my wife join me for a match and I immediate felt the difference because we were more coordinated, but it Was still a mess in terms of trying to get any kind of consistent pressure put on the enemy team.

I really want to like this game mode, and I think theres got to be a way to balance these issues out… but it feels like “experts only” mode… and it annoys me that I can’t practice it with AI heros in private…

taking away purchaseable varelsi spawners for starters… that seems to prevent the serious cascading previously mentioned. Or ramping up the cost significantly… or reducing the number of spawns u can purchase (only one varelsi spawns when purchased).

I hate the Free For All style of the maps… I was hoping for something more akin to incursion maps… idk, feels too chaotic and some characters thrive on having a map flow, melee characters with no base or wall of teammates to back into when in trouble, snipers with no cover… it feels like certain characters aren’t as useful in face off because of it.

I think the chaotic nature of it is actually the most appealing factor.

I like the skirmishes, particularly when they’re forced to a degree by the boss fight.

It’s supposed to be a point of difference to the other game modes and it succeeds at that. Whether it succeeds as an overall mode… not so sure.

As for your suggestion for taking away the spawners etc… I don’t think that’s a good solution. All it would do is further encourage camping the deposit point which seems to be most people’s biggest gripe.

BOTH teams have the option to farm varelsi and buy spawners, it’s not as though it’s something only one side can do.
If anything having these available as an experience and objective boost actually encourage people to play the objective, which is a good thing.


This is true, but some of the characters that have proven really powerful here (Attikus, Deande) never really had the opportunity to shine so much in other modes, so that’s kinda nice…

Pro tip: marquis or toby can camp and snipe a spot of varelsis, once you have some mask give them to your tank or pendless.

How? Teleport to base so you drop your mask and a friend or for can get them. My Marquis got 200 but i had no way to deliver my mask so i let boldur the stupid unkillable talking hobo stump do the job for me.