FACE-OFF needs balance & twicks

So the mode is crazy,fun and unique (compared to other FPS these days). it also gives some low tier characters( in Incursion mode) to shine much like in Capture and Meltdown matches.

But I feel that there some issue with the comptitive side plus some issues that I would like to adress.

The Varelsi often attack players which do not engage in combat initially with them and sometimes they chase players out side of their spawn. I’m not sure if this was intented , buts its irritating when you get chased down by enemy players , and you get extra damage from NPC you aren’t even try to get fight them (even when you’re not so close to them)

The mode feels far away from being competitive.
The amount of masks you can collect should be limited to around 50. A smart&orgenized team can easily stack up with high DPS battleborns while securing the dropoff location and end with a quick victory which happened quite often when I was playing.
Also , there ahould be more ways to lvl up and not simply by only killing Varelsi and enemy players (like assists).

This is my opinion about FACE-OFF being less competitive, but I know for sure that a lot of players feel that the new mode needs a little change to make it more fun and challenging.

Give opinions on what should be changed or How you feel about the new mode :slight_smile: .

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Would you like a Kleese to keep leveling up just by putting rifts at the deposit center? I think the leveling up system works perfectly.

I just think they need to make the varelsi boss more tougher and drop less masks. That’s just my opinion.

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I think there should be two depos and each one should be “assigned to a team”. If you deposit your masks in you depo, you get the masks, but if you deposit them in the enemy’s, then you get extra points or something.

Another thing you could do is give everyone a timer and they can only stand in the depo area in or that period of time and then they take damage or a debuff or something.

Anything that makes team play more important and have people constantly moving. I personally don’t like the mode, I find the snowballing effect of games too much with no comeback mechanic.


I see your point , but some characters tend to have a harder time lvling up because their play style doesn’t suit the game mode.

There were times when I was playing Alani (my fav), and even tho I was healing my teammates and assist in killing Varelsi’s by DMG it give her a small portion of XP , so I got at the end of the match to lvl 5 while higher DPS battleborns who killied more Varelsi than me got to lvl 8-7 (keep in my mind that most of them were a part of my assists by healing and DMG).

So IMO, this should have some Hero/champion balance update in FACE-OFF mode

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Its a good suggestion , but 2 depos will with no limition to collecting masks can make it much easier for stealth battleborns like Pendles to score high points for the team without worrying about being attacked by enemy players.
Making the boss Varelsi much tougher sounds great thou :slight_smile:


For sure they should give out more xp since it is a fast pace game

I will have to respectfully disagree. Mainly, there is one character with a permanent stealth and two characters with temporary stealth (Shayne cannot do anything in stealth other than move, so I am not counting him) There are more characters with reveals than there are with characters with stealth.

Also, as it sits right now the two most broken characters in the game, Ambra and Kleese, have a huge advantage in this mode. All this mode does is exacerbate their problems by letting them camp around the deposit area. If Ambra or Kleese were either weaker or squishier and could get pushed off the site, this wouldn’t be a problem.

On a side note, I have a huge problem with both the characters and I think they are incredibly unbalanced and I feel like I am taking crazy pills when people don’t think they are the two strongest characters in the game.

I think the deposit should be like moba towers: in a range with you don’t carry masks you take serious damage. Everyone should have a limited number of masks to carry at once. And should have a timer to deposit the masks. It would be intense and no one benefits from not moving around all the time.

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I would agree more with the Kleese being especially op in this mode. The primary issue I have with these two are their attacks that go through shields. Literal shields like Galilea’s, ISIC’s and Boldur’s. If they are in front of you, they should not be able to penetrate your shield. Thats ridiculous.

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Shayne can do stealth drops at higher levels with the duration increase

To beat a Kleese just power level, if he’s level 6 and you’re level 10 he’s not going to win

That’s where your teammates come into play. For example I was on a team w/ a Kelvin that was having a hard time leveling up so instead of killing the Varelsi I weakened them and he finished them off w/ Chomp. So he was able to level and contribute more to the team.

Off all the modes in this game Face-Off is the most team-centric mode. I never play w/ randoms in this mode because it just doesn’t work when everyone is off doing their own thing and not communicating.

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It’s not that big a deal because after every boss fight all the positions are reset so your team can more easily counter because Kleese will have to setup his rift network from scratch and if you have a good team comp you can beat him and Ambra down before they can setup.


Silly Alani.

Twicks are for kids.


I feel like I am taking crazy pills. These aren’t counters to Ambra or Kleese, these are ways to avoid their broken abilities.

Here are some examples of counters:
Pendles gets beat by Orendi’s lvl 1 reveal. Orendi gets beat by a slow, let’s go with lvl 1 Rath. Rath gets beat from DoTs+Range, like Thorn. Thorn gets beat by stealth characters, like Pendles. See what I did there?

Kleese gets beat by… not being prepared in his rifts and massive CCs? Or a WFT that went high shield penetration?
Ambra gets beat by chaining 3+ CCs together?

I have made this point before and I will die on this hill, these characters are broken and fill too many roles and on a team. Faceoff just makes them worst.

Varelsi targeting you. That’s aggro/life. Not really something I see as a problem, per se.
I don’t see the problem with a mask limit. Just go kill the guy if they have a lot. That’s why they have the marked target system.
Between headhunters, constantly spawnable Varelsi and battleborn to kill I don’t see the need for alternative leveling. It seems pointless.
Just my opinion though. Thank you for yours

They beat you with tactics though, like you said Kleese is countered by not being prepared in his rifts so why are you trying to fight him on even terms?


And then he’s severely under leveled, don’t engage when it’s even terms, almost every match I’ve ended up at level ten before the second boss fight from camping one point and killing barrels i to buy the spawned again. Level 4-5 Kleese vs level 10 anyone is not going to be pretty for Kleese.

“If you’re fighting a fair fight your tactics suck”


I am going to quote my dear friend Greg here:
“Ambra and kleese have skirted by because in the only mode that was successful for pvp, incursion, is their weakest. They are strong, but balanced enough where you can probably push them off. Other modes like meltdown or capture or faceoff they’re awful. The game has pushed maps and modes that argue for ‘sustain’ and no one does it better than them”