Face-off Question!

I’m confused why it is totally not OK to raise a shield and turn in masks…but turning in masks or capturing points while being stealthed is A-OK.

Anybody figure this one out? :slight_smile:

(Instead of addressing this you could alternatively make it so we never have to play Capture and Face-off again…)


I don’t think stealth helps much when turning in masks due to the purple aura that surrounds players when they are depositing. It makes cloaked characters quite obvious and the only time I can think of them going unnoticed, is if everyone else is distracted by team fights, etc… I think that you can hear players turning in masks too, (although I’d have to double check this), as it makes a distinctive sound when you deposit. So just because you can’t the character, it doesn’t mean that you can’t listen for them.



Think about what you are suggesting.

I assume you mean standing with your shield raised while you turn in masks to prevent yourself from getting attacked / dislodged and having your turn in timer disrupted?

Well, for that to be effective, your character would have to have their back turned to the turn in station while they are standing facing outward to defend against Attacks, as they must be facing the machine to turn in.

I suppose theoretically you could have your shield raised between you and the machine as you deposit, but your back and sides would still be exposed.

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Also, Capture and FaceOff are fun as hell.

Im sooooo glad Quick Match isn’t just a million Meltdown matches in a row anymore.


No you miss my point, they already nerfed shields in face off in the latest patch…

“Characters with physical shields can no longer block while turning in Masks in Face-off”

However, sneaking in with any stealth character (especially Pendles) which is many times more effective is not addressed. I’m not even convinced they are ‘revealed’ as somebody said…I know they aren’t in Capture.

My opinion is every face-off that isn’t a steamroll decided by the typical problem of crazy levels of snowballing that happens in these formats is usually decided by stealth.


At one point you could shield up while turning in?

For real?

That’s ■■■■■■■ ridiculous…


honestly stealth makes no difference in turning in masks. they are sooo easy to spot. also whats wrong with faceoff and capture? i love them :slight_smile:


Because Galilea and Boulder can block 1000 and then 2000 damage respectively, effectively making them in no danger what soever while they turn in an ass ton of maks

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It isn’t a true reveal, it’s a purple cloud around the character turning in


Wait, though.

At one point you COULD?

I never even thought to try that!