Face-Off Titles

Is anyone else having an issue in that progression on some of these seems to be bugged? More specifically:

Godhunter: I’ve been stuck at 30% basically since Face-Off was first released. I’ve killed Mi’gizi many times, personally landing the killshit probably a half-dozen times this week and the title simply will not budge.

The Second Mouse: Once again, my progression is stalled at 30%. I have killed many Battleborn while trying to turn in. I’ve killed them around the turn-in point., I’ve killed them as they were in the process of turning in. I’ve even gotten a quad on people turning in and my progression on this hasn’t moved. This is specifically what led me to making this post as, a few hours ago, I literally punched an Orendi in the face until she expired while she was in the process of turning masks in. She never stopped attempting to turn in, then I killed her, then I got her masks because of the aforementioned face-murder. No title progression.

I can’t think of a way to more obviously fulfill the progression requirements for these titles and it’s driving me nuts. I’m certain I’m bugged in some way. Similarly, I’ve completed BADA BADA BOOOOM multiple times w/o being awarded the title and I never received my pre-order Firstborn title, despite receiving all other pre-order content. I have yet to hear back from support. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


I unlocked this one a few weeks ago. I actually think that on certain maps killing that boss doesn’t count towards the title. it’s like a coin flip - either you get it or you don’t…

I’m stuck at 30% too, and I think I got all those kills on the first week face-off was released. From then - I didn’t progress at all even tho I killed a lot of players while they were turning masks in.

At least they will fix this: “The “Mask Amasser” challenge now properly progresses when turning in the requisite masks wins the game”, I have always done more than 200, but most of them didn’t count because if I deposit 100 masks and we have a lead like 420-300 - my 100 masks will not register at the end.

Face-Off is a frustrating mode for title hunting that’s for sure. I hate how inconsistent that mode is.

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YUP, I’ve killed him 4 times and I’m stuck at 0%, My bada bdada boom as well, have done the feat about 4 times, 3 in regular matches and once in a bot match and stuck at 100% without the title.

Ah, yes. The infamous killshit. It’s probably the most game-changing effect in the game. Once you learn to properly land the killshit, your Battleborn game goes WAY up.

I remember one time, when I was still new at the game, someone told I needed to start learning to land my killshits. My first response was, “what’s a killshit?” Ah, those were the days.

After months of playing this game, I’m not even close to mastering the killshit… it’s a tricky devil, to be sure.


Not sure if Godhunter is bugged or not because I had the same issue. It stopped at 20% and I definitely knew that I had killed Mi’gizi more than twice. At first I thought you had to land the last hit, but that didn’t seem to be the case because the title then progressed to 30% even though I’d only hit Mi’gizi a couple of times after it had appeared. Whatever it was, it seems to have fixed itself, because after that, the title progressed no problem for me.

As for TSM, I’ve had no issues with this title. I think you’ve got to kill them while they’re depositing, although if they cancel, I don’t believe it counts. Playing a stealth character really helps here. That’s how I completed it anyways.

The key is timing and dietary fibre


That’s what’s finally led me to believe I’m hard-bugged. The last kill I had that should have counted towards The Second Mouse was point blank face-punches until death right beside the turn-in point. I could clearly see and hear that they never once stopped trying to turn in while I murdered them and it still didn’t count.

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I had similar problems getting the second mouse with the odd one or two not registering correctly, but I got it in the end.

It’s entirely possible they stop depositing at the very last moment before death to try and escape. Anyways, it’s a silly requirement to KILL them while turning in. Preventing them from turning in (CC, QM) makes more sense to me.