Face Puncher Damage on Mother of Grogans

Since there is the Rare-Spawn Event running this week I decided to farm her a bit.
I’m running with the Face-Puncher and Dragon Artifact, but the dmg numbers I get from her are kind of absurd compared to same setup against other enemies:

As you can see I get quite high damage numbers, the highest I got till now was roughly at 41 Million.
Now, I wasnt able to recreate these numbers at any other enemy, even her dragons are getting “normal” damage.

It’s because she dies in one hit from any melee attack, it’s a refence to GOT.

So Face-Puncher counts as Melee-dmg even when shooting? Didn’t know that, thx for the answer

Yeah you can fill up your shotgun ammo from nearly empty to completely full with one of those ammo refill on melee artifacts and one face puncher shot. (It seems like each pellet applies the 8% ammo return on hit)