Face-Puncher disappointment, or not?

Well, I have found recently what I was thinking to be a near perfect Breaker Mod for my beloved Melee Siren :sweat_smile:
Find Your Center +1
Personnal Space +2
Jab Cross +2
Melee dmg +50%
Shotgun dmg +31%
Hyperion Crit dmg +45%

I was just so happy, as I thought my Face-Punchers will benefit from all of that…

But apparently, it doesn’t… :roll_eyes:

No Crit, no Shotgun bonus… :sob:

I had to share my disappointment with you all… :pensive:

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I take it you tested it well?

As the FP shoots Melee dmg, it can’t Crit at all, so Crit dmg bonus is useless with it.

Need further tests for the Shotgun dmg bonus, but the Wiki is pretty clear about it :disappointed_relieved:

What a bummer! I didn’t know it can’t crit, I must see for myself when I get home. Are you running a melee build then?

Amara is just amazing in any build, but I plan a Melee Ranged build for her since I get this Breaker Mod :sweat_smile:

I’m just sad its bonuses won’t apply as I imagined in the first place

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You need to use white elephant relic, the bomb generated crits

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If you are Xbox I have a +5 breaker com. I can’t remember it’s details but it’s a +5. Maybe we could ‘trade’ ?

Planning to use it, but was not aware of the crit possibilities… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
so thks fo the info !

Sorry, I’m on PS4, and I’ll use this Breaker Mod anyway :wink:

I think its best use is exploiting the many melee-based artifacts, like sticky bombs from a White Elephant as mentioned before. It’s also great with a Cutpurse artifact that refills ammo on melee strikes. My favourite is a Knife Drain artifact (melee life steal), I don’t even spec into melee but one Redundant FP shot gives me full health.

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You want weapon damage, melee damage and splash/area of effect damage on the relic, the first two are confirmed to both amp the Face-Puncher’s damage and the splash/AoE increases the damage of the stickies.

I’d definitely say shoot for an Elemental Projector if using Infusion/Forceful Expression or Knife Drain if going full uptime on Brawler Ward.

Well I’ve got a bunch of White Elephant art. with all prefixes needed and nice rolls too (Knife Drain, Stone, EleProjector, Cutpurse and so on), and I’ll have to make a hard choice when the time will come :grimacing: :sweat_smile:
Currently running a PhaseCast oriented Siren and having fun with. (god roll Golden Rule with that)
Still theorizing my Breaker utility :face_with_monocle:

It can crit if you are using +50% elemental bonus, but I didn’t tested the numbers.

For me, the best artifact for Face-Puncher is Elemental Stone + Static Charge.

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Why exactly melee can’t crit in this game? I should be getting more damage if I stab someone in the eye, vs. hitting their knee or something.

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@whatevercb h ey bud I’m interested in your breaker com, what are you looking for on trade?

A 250 fire redistributor. Lol. @Skavenger

I definitely do not have. I’m gonna be running the takedown a bunch this weekend so who knows maybe I can offer up in a few days

@skavenger. I’d be up for a few raid runs tonight if you want a hand?

It will probably be early Sunday morning before I can really get some runs going. I might be able to jump on for a bit this evening though. If you see me online just give me a shout

@skavenger. Np. I’ll be on all night with a few glasses of shandy anyhow. :yum:

@Skavenger. What’s your GT? Lol.