Facebook or Gmail anyone?

Gmail, Hotmail , Yahoo , Aol all I can use to email and talk to anyone whoever wants to get know me because i like to meet new people :P. I dont usually use my facebook but i can try

I dont mean to be forward, but are you a highly advanced spambot?

You posted a sketchy link in a post that had no context to what was being talked about in the RTT, and this seems REAAAAAALY dodgy.

But, I checked your profile and you’ve posted in other places, so Im not sure.

What?? im a newbie so I practically sort of dont know what im doing im just posting

Yeah ok cool.

Just checking, because asking for emails in a public forum is a bit odd and reeks of scam to get personal data.

I don’t think you’ll have many takers.


i only use my email for social purposes only

I do not want to be a psychopated psycho.

Steam ID is enough. I have FB and gmail though.

What are you talking about

Roughly, 90% of us who post here, get in contact with each other using Steam ID, PSN or XBLA gamer tags.

Haven’t seen anyone posting its facebook here yet.

I can see that well i guess that them i use my email to contact other if i wanted to talk or if they messaged me the only time i use my fb now its when i need to for other reason

Only on Steam and PSN. Only add people I know a bit better/have things in common with.
FB can go bankrupt for all I care, closed my account half a year ago.

@OtakuMetalhead i guess i can say i closed mines but im not so sure

This is a game forum. If anyone from here needs a private chat with me, gearbox provides a pm service, as does steam, xb, and Sony.

i can see that but like i’d rather do to my email since im a bit busy

When the time comes, I will contact YOU. You will not know when it will come. You will not remember me. But soon, it will change your life for better or for worse. By submitting your posts for communication, you have been offered a contract of business.

An Access code will be provided in the email.

You will need to write that down to access the secure line where we can talk away from prying eyes. If it changes, then you will be notified immediately.

When you put the code in, you turn your back on you old life. There will be no going back. You’re in my field of Business now.

Reply to accept offer.

Use pms, please.