FaceOff Strats, Team Comps and Survival Tips

Ok, those of you who have been going hard on FaceOff mode, can you post any tips, tricks, strategies, team comps, or survival tactics that have worked for you?

Myself and many others need help!

Thanks in advance!

Free shard generator and cost reduction does a ton of work in Face off for quickly gathering masks and power leveling your team.
If your team can control the point that spawns the varelsi worth 12 masks, buy the healing station and keep buying the minions. These minions are worth more points and experience.

After you get the lead I would have your two best slayers stay near the depository and defend while the other three roam and gather masks.

When defending it is better to wait for the enemy attempts to deposit the masks and to attack while they try to deposit.

The Varelsi will have a purple number by their name, this shows how many masks they drop.

You level up much much faster killing the varelsi over the other players, so if the enemy team is all around the depository kill varelsi and out level them, regroup, and take over the depository.

Learn where the bots spawn and buy them immediately.

There are my tips and tricks.


Kill everything that moves. And if it isn’t dying it’s probably a teammate and you should go try kill something else.


If you’re a healer try to kill your teammates as well


A good strategy is controlling the drop off location. If your team controls it, then when the other team tries to drop off you can kill them and steal the masks they have. Stuns and pushes are good for interrupting enemies trying to drop off masks.

My biggest thing is when fighting the boss stick very very close to it. When it dies, if you’re right on it, you can collect a ton of masks. I’ve collected over 220 masks just from the boss. I shouldn’t share that because in every case that I’ve done that it’s completely won us the game, but it’s too good a strategy to keep to myself. I, on average, get more masks than the entire other team combined. You can see that I had the 2nd most deaths. That’s because instead of fighting I just deposit the masks. I only made 2 or 3 deposits in this game.

If you have a mic and good team communication you can start to teleport back to base and it will drop all of your masks, then have a good tank go and deposit it all while the rest of the team heals, defends, and draw attention. The tanks entire focus is getting all those masks deposited.

There’s a ton of awesome strategies. I love this mode.

Edit: I can’t seem to upload the screenshot. So… the entire opponent team has 280 masks. I alone turned in 252 masks. I had 7 deaths. In other games I’ve turned in more masks then all other players combined.

Edit 2: Got it to upload!

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Did this earlier today.

I was Alani, teamed with KLEESE, Reveal sunspot Ambra, Miko, and Orendi.

We just sat at the drop off structure, killed the enemies when they came close, and sometines a pair of us would wander slightly away to kill some nearby spawning Barelsi.

Won 500-0.

Felt kind of bad LOL but that passed!

if you and team mates have mic’s then never teleport alone, that makes you drop masks. if you have a pendles tell him you’re getting ready to teleport and he can be a “mask bank” as long as he’s patient he can literally end the game in one drop if he takes the masks and stays away from enemy battleborn.

then the rest of your team attacks and if they manage to make the deposit area free of rifts you can drop your masks off all at once.

past that remember you don’t need to fight battleborn and if you’re carrying a lot of masks it’s smarter to disengage


Another tip, if your character doesn’t have a cc and you need to stop the enemy from depositing shards, you can quick melee them while they are depositing and it will stop them.


Got it. I think I was successful I was able to kill my teammate at least 5 times in one match

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^This is skill people. Are you a streamer?

I would almost say I was over powered. No, not a streamer; ya just curious?

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I’'ve lost maybe 3-4 face-off matches out of 40+ using one simple strategy - power level.

Roll as a full squad or in groups of 3-2 farming the varelsi furthest from the drop point.

Killing varelsi repeatedly gives you a giant level and mask advantage, so it’s good to run shard gen and wrench on at least 1-2 players, and you should have 100+ masks on you and your ult up by the first boss fight.

Since your ult resets before and after the boss phase you go in there and unload on the enemy team, likely wiping them and you can finish off the boss, take all the masks from him and your dead opponents. If there was a Kleese camping the deposit point MAKE SURE HE DIES IN THE BOSS FIGHT and his rifts will be gone when you get back.

Then you can rush the deposit point after the boss phase and unload your ults again if you’re opposed and drop off your masks. A lot of the time, the game will end here since you probably have 500+ between the whole team.

If you have stealth characters it’s even easier since the headhunters don’t even aggro you while depositing in stealth.

If somehow you haven’t already won just go back to farming varelsi since they start giving crazy EXP post boss fight. Most of the time you can reach level 10 before the second boss phase and by this time you’re a wrecking ball for anyone who opposes you.

Rinse repeat the boss fight brutality on the enemy team and by now you’re surely ready for that final deposit.

Most of the time my team ends up levels 8-10 by the finish while the enemy team is 4-6 because they’ve spent their time killing a handful of varelsi, depositing like 12 masks at a time then twiddling their thumbs waiting for more varelsi to spawn instead of buying more or chasing players. When you roll as a full team they usually just die if they try to challenge your farming point.

Don’t worry too much about the early game score. The enemy team might score 100 points before you drop a mask but you’ll be way outlevelling them and have tons of masks to drop later on. I don’t go to the collector with less than 100 masks, usually 200 (although this is much safer with a stealth character like Deande or Pendles since you can almost always escape when in trouble).

tl;dr: Focus on levels and mask collection rather than deposits, make a powerplay in the boss fight, dump masks en masse.

Have won that many games of this immediately after the boss fight using this strat.

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You should be. I’d pay to watch

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How did you even win that game?

You know what I would pay myself to watch too


There seems to be a second Screenshot that won’t load. Would you know why?

Haha, because we’re playing to the mode… or at least I am. Deaths, kills, score, doesn’t actually matter. People get so hung up on their K/D that they don’t go for the objective. If I have no masks and my buddy picks up masks, I’m going to make sure I keep them alive even if that means I die. A lot of my big deposits I just get in there and deposit with out attacking. Sure I die with in a second or two of finishing, but who cares. We win haha.

@epicender584 I don’t know. They’re the same screenshot. The first didn’t upload right I guess. I just went in and deleted the first “upload” haha. I don’t know what’s up with that.

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I like to use Deande and have her ultimate wind up after we are done teleporting that way I can catch at least half of the enemy team and have my team stack on them

@ShadowHaven @epicender584

I can attest to the crazy skill of Shadow Haven.

I got my Coopettion because Shadow got 42 kills in a single match!

Also @epicender584 it was awesome introducing you to FaceOff earlier today, sorry I fell asleep (damn being sick!) and you had to go!

42 kills! I would certainly watch @ShadowHaven stream. And thanks, it reminded me that I love Reyna. Ironically (I believe the correct term would be coincidentally, but then we have the argument of evolution of language vs. honored tradition and although I am on a side of that debate I will not discuss it here), I am also sick I’ve discovered. I plan on binging Marquis (you can two shot Aria with her without skill damage (health wise. Phases are three shot). Also I love Marquis. Like, Marquis dude. Marquis. Now this is surely the correct use, I coincidentally left melees to go on a ranged Renaissance and have now arrived at my original mains counterpart and ally, her Butler Buddy. Where am I? I digress from my digression.

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