FaceOff: What Do We Know So Far?

I’ve only had one match in it so far (very busy day / evening) but I was hoping we could all add our knowledge that we learn as we all learn it of the mode objectives, mechanics, enemies, bots, strategies, tips, tricks, etc in this thread.

What I know so far?

It’s uses the capture maps.

It is chaotic, fast & crazy.

THERE ARE VARELSI (Barelsi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) EVERYWHERE.

They give you masks (but which ones? All of them? Some of them?) and you must deposit them in the Center of the map.

You can buy Bots (is it just the Headhunter bots?) as well as these weird vaguely egg shaped glowing shard looking things (what do they do?).

Matches are 15 minutes long or first time to 500 points.

That is all I know so far.

Please, everyone, help add any knowledge you have of this exciting new game mode!

Thanks in advance.

I thought it was all of them, could be wrong.

I think these summon more varelsi, think of them as fishing lures

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Yes. They’re basically Ronin without the slow attack and will go after enemy BB exclusively.

It’s all of them. The gunhulk one will continue to drop them as it’s damaged as well.

They do. They respawn on their own, or you can pay the shards to have another spawn summoned before the timer(1 minute I think) runs down so you can get more masks.

One thing you forgot to mention, Flames, is that you drop all of your masks if you die and either your teammates or the enemy can pick them up and deposit them. So don’t die while carrying masks. :wink:

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Yes, played a couple late night matches before bed last night and definitely got mask robbed a few times!


A question for those that played more than I did last night…

How do you see how many masks an enemy is carrying?

A few observations…

After a bit (certain amount of time? certain number of masks deposited?), you are teleported to “the upside down” to do battle with a boss-like varelsi. It drops a lot of masks (as its health is damaged) and you battle against it and the other team at the same time. After it dies, you are teleported back to the normal world and can race to deposit any masks you got during the fight. It seemed like all cool downs were reset during teleportation to (and from?) this other realm. This can happen more than once per game.

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From my grand total of 3 FaceOff matches so far, I THINK (think, maybe, could so easily be wrong) that getting summoned into the “Dark World” happens after summoning a particularly powerful Varelsi?

But your theory makes more sense, as then it would happen every match…


There should be a number above their head.

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You can look at the scoreboard during the match to see who has any masks.

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I believe you can become marked as well if you are carrying over 100.

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Basically Ronin with a stun. So worse

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