Facepuncher - Can we get rid of it?

First of all I’d like to say that I’m REALLY super excited about Amara’s new action skill. We finally get an Action Skill that has to do directly with Melee damage, but doesn’t have to rely on it (Already theory crafting builds of course)

But as we know, there is a very big problem with having Facepuncher in the game.
People have so far been using it and claiming they have a Melee build. But if you look at the definition of Melee, this doesn’t apply to it at all.
Furthermore, Facepuncher is used in many Broken builds that use several mechanics together that can’t be done with regular Melee such as Groundbreaker and Facepuncher proc-ing Groundbreaker over and over on itself.

Many traditionalists of Melee hated this gun from the very start, me included. I can understand that theoretically It’s a good idea to have this gun since you can shoot things you can’t normally reach with Melee attacks, but now we sort of have an Action Skill that takes in your Melee Damage so we don’t need it anymore.

If removing this gun is impossible at this point (Which I guess it is impossible)
An interesting suggestion to make everyone happy (Except abusers of the mechanics) is to make it apply ONLY Melee damage like advertised.
Let’s put some balance back to the game, sure it’s fun to one shot raid bosses, but that doesn’t feel right… right?


They created an uncontrolable monster, unfortunately it is still somewhat needed as some things are not punchable much to my great regret.

But now with the new action skill you can punch the action skill and it will have your melee damage counted for.

Too bad it is an extra cost addition, they should have had this kind of mechanics from the start instead of going into this weird route of facepuncher.

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Don’t lose hope. One day it may happen. Maybe 2 years from now.

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Yes, I really hope so.
Personally, I’m gonna make a Hybrid character with Jakobs/Melee (Brand new character for the new skill, that’s my thing…)
Facepuncher will probably not be in it, but we still have some unknown parameters that don’t allow us to do full builds theory-crafting like anoint for the new action skill and COMs effects/skill boost.

Still… I just posted the topic and we already have 3 (including me in this) people who agree with my thesis of having to do something with facepuncher breaking traditional melee builds.

I have a perfect and simple solution for you: just don’t use it.

Face Puncher was always good and we need more guns that scales with melee bonuses. What I would do is just removing the Mayhem scaling from it.


I would like to see Groundbreaker restricted to pure melee only. To me this is what really breaks artificial melee damage.

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I guess you are referring to White Elephant’s damage carry over to next FP shots? Maybe changes to WE would be better. Isn’t Groundbreaker not OP with other source of damage?

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True, Groundbreaker isn’t very powerful by itself due to slow melee attacks. However when you add in all secondary damages available in the game it will consistently pop healthy enemies. I just feel like this perk is a little overtuned to be procced from distance.

I know I’m a little harsh on the Face Puncher/Fish Slap. I just can’t shake the feeling that these hold back true melee builds due to making melee mechanic abuse too easily accessed.

I said it a long time ago that I love the idea of ranged melee attacks, but punching someone in the face should be more powerful.


And so it starts. Facepuncher is too OP. Nerf it, remove it. I hate that it is in the game. Etc. Etc.

Gun is absolutely fine. It doesn’t get shotgun passive bonus. It relies on groundbreaker and the white elephant to achieve really high damage. Groundbreaker is deep in the GR tree. Getting a usable white elephant isn’t straightforward as Agonizer isn’t a lucrative farm.

I am pretty fed up of these types of threads demanding the game be changed because someone doesn’t like a certain weapon.

And one vh getting a ranged melee skill doesn’t mean that the rest of the vhs will.


Bring back infinite vertical melee!! I know it was stupid but I miss it so…


I see the Face Puncher/White Elephant in about the same grey area as Pimp/Ahab. Though they are legitimate items, and the interactions aren’t technically cheating. However there is no denying that these interactions are exponentially more potent than any other set ups in the game.

Why actually melee something when you can achieve a higher damage threshold from a safe distance with a shotgun?


So you’re telling me that a gun that requires specific builds, gear, and/or guardian rank perks to be OP should be removed.

Meanwhile it’s okay for guns like the Light Show and the Flipper to melt everything with no effort?

Give me a break. If you don’t like niche OP items, don’t use them! Yes, there should be better balance in this game, but flat out asking for something to be removed is absurd.


Lightshow and Flipper don’t do billions / trillions of damage.
And nothing should be OP. OP by definition is Overpowered, meaning, Over the power that is expected. And yes, new skill for Amara shouldn’t be OP either.
Now, mind you, It should still be able to do damage, enough damage if you’re building for it.
Same with Ties that Bind.

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Well, we are OP badass vault hunters. We should have some OP stuff if we so choose to use them.

That said, the face puncher does get a little boring. My Amara has been playing with a phasecast build and the face puncher is basically the only gun that I can viably use with it.

I wouldn’t mind seeing more melee weapon options. The psychostabber for instance. It shoots knives, why isn’t that melee damage? Or bring back the swordsplosion and unicornsplosion and have them do melee damage.


The rest of the characters were not meant to be Melee characters to start with. You can use Melee on them EXACTLY for the reason that was specified in this thread. And people choose to do so BECAUSE it is so OP.

LOL no

Literally everything that was good or fun has been curb stomped into the ground. Just stop. The game is fun with OP stuff. If you have a problem with randoms coming in and doing this stuff then just stop playing with random asshats on the internet. EZ PZ lemon SKWEE Z


My statement = Confirmed.

Well we also got No Kill Like Overkill as a Guardian Perk. Arguably one of Salvador’s most OP skills. It only makes sense we’d get to abuse melee with Ground Breaker after that.

This is Mayhem after all. It’s written right on the tin.

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