Facepuncher Cutpurse Relic combo question

This is probably a well known fact but I just read something that made me think I’m not utilizing the Facepuncher Cutpurse Relic combo correctly. It’s my understanding that because the Facepuncher is a shotgun and it produces a melee attack, that the cutpurse relic allows it to replenish Shotgun ammo to full with a couple shots. But, does it refill all your ammo reserves to full or just the shotgun ammo? I was under the assumption that in order to say, refill my pistol ammo with a cutpurse, I would have to have a pistol in my hand and the relic equipped and then melee an enemy to get pistol ammo back. Same with Snipers, SMGs and Assault Rifles. Is this not the case?

Thats how Cutpurse works, you need to be holding that type of weapon to get ammo refill.
I think the only case is using Zane’s clone with Face Puncher, then you can switch weapon to pistol etc, but I didn’t tested it.

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Correct! But! Put the Face Puncher in the hands of your clone and any gun you are holding while the clone is shooting will have its ammo refilled.

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Ok, that’s what I read and I didnt make the connection that you could switch weapons while your clone shoots to refill other weapon types.