Facepuncher + Knife Drain = Bleeding Ears

So, I finally got the last drop I needed (minus annoints) for a melee Amara; a Knife Drain White Elephant. Super stoked, got up and danced around.

Then I equipped it, gods help me. There is a sound effect when Knife Drain is triggered, high pitched and easy to notice in combat. Not a problem, until it triggers 7 times a shot (14 if you’ve got a Redundant Facepuncher, you poor soul). The sounds stack up, and the volume gets insane on this piercing audio sting. I’ve since moved on to another build, as I’m unwilling to sacrifice the incredible sound design (or my ears) to play the build.

Anyone else experience this? Or better yet, does no one else? I’d love to find out this is a bug, rather than “unintended but functioning properly”.

I’ve got a Knife Drain Deathless and it gives a “thunk” when you facepunch an enemy.

I think it’s the white elephant mod, actually… it makes a screechy sound when you melee plant the grenade on the enemy. So, for a melee build using this mod you just hear this screechy sound hundreds of times.

Thanks for letting me know. I was about to start collecting items for that build.

Guess I’ll go with the Dragon relic instead.

I had multiple white elephants, issue started when equipping a knife drain white elephant.

Edit: Also does it with a purple knife drain.

Only one sound being produce on my ps4.


Maybe there’s hope then! Might be an Xbox thing.

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One sound for me to on PS4. And I think the volume is related to the damage.

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Here is my face puncher zane. And that sound is music to my ears actually since that means i am healing.

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It is a horrible sound, I barely ever play my Melee Amara anymore as the Facepuncher is my main source of healing when I can’t get close enough to the enemy. It just seems louder than anything else in the game, I wish they’d tone it down a bit.

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This is what I’m experiencing. Glad you’re enjoying it, but I’d guess that’s not a common sentiment.

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If you melee someone with a knife drain it produces the same sound.

Same sound yes, but only 1 instance of the sound and much quieter. You can hear in your video the sound continues for a moment after you stop firing, as if the sound engine is getting overloaded and falling behind. I’m not advocating for removal of the sound, that’d be selfish, just that it be toned down and not overlap like that.

That is my clone shooting. It only hits one time same as the sound. I am using deep dive, for redundant the sound is x2 (if i remember). Sound of the sticky bomb is another thing (now that one can generate up to x14).

Too bad, face puncher and knife drain combo is a lot of fun.

Nope, you hear a odd sound. I have a freaking Deathless with Melee lifesteal on it, and I tested using a Facepuncher. Also, I guess unless you really crank the melee damage bonus, it’s not worth it IMHO for my Moze.

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