Facepuncher Melee Bullets w/Clone Zane or reg. Zane won't add to my ammo with artifact (Mayhem 2.0 Update)

I was using my facepuncher just fine yesterday before the update today. Today, with the same build, if I use the facepuncher, or clone uses it, I get absolutely no ammo back. I only get ammo back when I actually melee someone.

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“Addressed a reported concern that the Operative was able to gain more ammo than intended when using Digi-Clone with the Double Barrel skill.”

It’s dead, Jim.


Damn. I thought this was a feature not a bug…

Rip tediore zane

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Killed my primary launcher build too.

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Yeah it’s broken now not fixed! This was part of my main build and kept my buddy and I from running out of ammo in higher Mayhem modes. It’s BS because the lifesteal 75% still works so the ammo refill should too. If that’s not how it should work the artifact description should be changed. Was super excited about the update and now I’m just pissed off.