Facepuncher MNTIS/Clone Zane vs Maliwan Takedown | Mayhem 11 | Spy Com

Its based off the damage of the strike; so it’s basically affected by melee, splash/aoe, critical hit%, and elemental damage
i have almost the same setup on moze and it destroys - although i personally didnt know splash was a possible anointment

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as the FP doesn’t do splash itself, then surely that wouldn’t effect the WE? Or is the corrosive stone damage considered splash?

The stickies that the white elephant proc through melee / FP deal splash when they explode; they’re also the only reason we can get criticals with FP aside from fl4k with megavore

Yes, I know that. That is why I have splash passives. My question is regarding how their damage is calculated. If splash damage affects their damage then it can’t be coming from the facepuncher as that weapon doesn’t deal splash itself. I’m guessing that in studdugies video, it is the corrosive elemental damage from the stone and the ase elemental anoint on the grenade that is boosting their damage.

I’m gonna try his build out with a 300/90 as that is one of the anoints I have.

Here’s my go at TMT using the Spy com and (mostly) @studdugie’s build. I changed a couple of points around.



To me the ZE is one of the best guns in the game because of its ability to turn almost any other gun into an OP monster with its special effect. And given that I didn’t test the build before making the video I brought it along as a just in case the build needed more damage for true takedown mode.

It applies for only about a second.



It doesn’t really exist. The one I have was sent to me by a friend. I’ve updated the video and build to use a 100% weapon dmg ASE anointment. It’s still effective.

Thank you.

The following is a little outdated but may still provide the answer to how FP damage is calculated.

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Gun dmg and melee dmg increase the shot of the FP which is dealt as melee.
This melee dmg is multiplied by 2 by the WE sticky which is dealt as splash. Hence, splash does increase the sticky explosion.
Or did I get your question wrong?

Maybe I misunderstood you. I thought you were saying that the splash damage value from the initial shot was used in the formula to calculate the we damage value. Yes we damage is splash, but that is post calculation.

That’s correct.
The first calc is the dmg of the FP which is then doubled and applied as splash.
So splash/AOE bonuses do not help the FP but the WE stickies. But since the FP dmg is doubled by the WE which can also crit (as splash) these splash bonuses do put in work.


From my experience (I played a lot with FP builds) if there are more than one enemy not too far
from each other, Element stone Static charge is better than White elephant in terms of DPS, especially if you’re using Seein dead, cause chains from Static charge will proc it pretty often, so you’ll get higher Commitment stacks

For example, GTD TTM

and even vs bosses

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I’m using the spy com. Currently don’t have any stone static charges. I’ll keep my eyes out for one and give it a go.

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What are you using for FFYL?

FP can also crit with ASE elements from grenade and shield


I just use the fp. With the purple capstone boosted by the com and 300/90 on fp and having the white elephant, I am fine getting out of ffyl if I ADS

Ok, got you
Btw 300/90 is not very good for FP

Brilliant for action skill damage though. Also great with white elephant as initial damage shot gets x4 damage that then translates into white elephant damage. I have done some testing and for this build it is great. I use phaseslam 200 melee on my phaseslam amara and either ch1 or asa200 on my FL4K depending upon situation.

Only one of your 7 (or 14) pellets will get this scaling, cause it counts per pellet, not per shot
If you’re using MNTIS, the best anointment on FP would be ASE 100 melee or urad
also x7 FP is better than x14 in terms of DPS

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Well it’s working fine for me. If you watch the video you will see it is a x7. I don’t play urad. This setup is working very well for me and I am happy with it.

I’m not telling you that it is bad or that you need to change something, I’m just sharing my experience

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