Facepuncher viability

Go try out the face puncher all Zane mains, dunno how it fairs on other VHs now, but let’s just say she’ll still have 90% of her mag by the time you’re done killing a mob

Have fun :wink:

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you can actually take any weapon and as long as you have clone deployed not spend any ammo :rofl:

True, but you’re gonna want a face puncher above most on mayhem 10, trust me

So gaurdian rank interacts? Hmmm

cough cough upwards of 2mil a shot on zane cough cough

And that’s without the new guardian perk…

Only 2 million

Amara melee for 800 million, 2 seems weak

‘You’ll never believe what they titled their thread! Number four will blow your mind! Find out how to do this one weird trick!’

We don’t really need clickbait thread titles here, so I’ve edited it.

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I put that title in there as a joke, not much need to change it as it was quite clearly satire but okay killjoy

I said upwards of 2 mil, and I’m using Zane, ik Amara would be able to boost this thing to game breaking levels considering it was good on her before, just trying to let people know it’s good on everyone now✌️