Faction Balancing

Right this is just pure Speculation really


Every faction basically i feel will be Balanced with obviously 1 character of each MAJOR role/class these are:

  • Tank
  • Healer
  • Control
  • DPS
  • Support

In Battleborn so far i think its safe to say that all the characters announced so far fall into one of these ‘Styles’ 1 character per faction (please feel free to debate if im wrong this is the internet after all :wink: )


  • Boldur (ELDRID)
  • Ghalt (ROGUES)


  • Miko (ELDRID)

Characters TBC for Rouges, LLC and Peacekeeping Republics. I will try to keep this updated.


  • Thorn (ELDRID)
  • Orendi (ROGUES)

Characters TBC for Jennerit and Peacekeeping Republics.


  • Mellka (ELDRID)

Rogues DPS character TBC.


  • Reyna (ROGUES)

LLC, Jennerit and Eldrid TBC.

Benedict i’m not to sure fits to support but its the only place i could think to put him atm, what do you guys think of this list? think i should move any around? just let me know with a Valid argument of course :wink:

Also would like to remind people that Gearbox have stated characters can pay more than one way :smiley: so if the character you like isn’t in the style you like to play im sure there are ways around this :smiley:

But yeah i feel if it sticks to this sort of balancing with characters and factions we could end up with a pretty well balanced game :smiley:

Rath… A Tank!!?
Why is Rath a tank?
Not saying you’re wrong or right, just curious.

Rath could be seen as a tank through is ‘vamp’ ability. That said, I personally see Rath as more of an Assault/DPS character.

I am also somewhat skeptical about Ghalt and ISIC being tanks. I could be wrong, but ISIC looks more like an artillery cannon to me.

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See i do think this but i feel Caldarius fits this DPS role better

Same as @BullCr0w said its all based on the Vamp ability, and what puts it over the edge for me personally is that Caldarius fits DPS more so and is Defo not a tank due to his ‘Squishiness’

But i will say i was also debating putting Caldarius into the Control or support role due to his mobility and flash bangs.

Recon i should swap them over? and where do you think i should then put Caldarius? :smile:

i will update these 2 once we know more about them :slight_smile:

but i can say i have put Ghalt here specifically due to his slow movement shown and his Grappling hook, these are trate’s a tank class would normally have, the one that springs to mind is in Dragon age inquisition the Tanks have a chain to pull and enemy towards them to get aggro, and shot guns are defiantly high damage but short range like a tank class.

ISIC again we dont know alot about i put him in there because i feel like he will need alot of health to be a stationary cannon (he may not be stationary) and also that cannon must deal strong damage!! again debated on putting him in Support due to the fact any sain person wouldnt put this massive cannon in the middle of a mob it would be shooting from a far. But he does look like a ‘Tank’ :wink:

Mind telling me where you would put him? because i do agree now i thought about it more :slight_smile:

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You may be overthinking this.

I dont think anyone is a “tank” in the traditional sense, no one is going to have the ability to soak up ludicrus amounts of damage (sure Montana will have alot of health, but you’re not going to just stand there for minutes getting pumelled) and drawing agro doesnt seem to be a mechanic at all in this game.

I dont think theres going to be 1 of each of “archtype” for every faction. It seems more like just a huge variety of characters, and making sure each faction has a nice variety of ranged/close quarters, high health/low health, fast/slow etc…

even if this model is correct, Rath isnt nesiisarily a tank. Theres still 2 unrevealed Jenerrit characters.

i agree with you in some ways like away from the traditional “archtype”

im guessing every faction will have at least 1 melee weapon character, 1 Ranged, one very mobile, 1 slow and strong and a mage character for each faction possibly or things that redder similar :stuck_out_tongue:

(i do tend to overthink alot but i like it when it comes to games XD )

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In my opninion, trying to shoehorn charecters into a classification system they weren’t designed for is kind of silly, and there are only 25 charecters, its not like we need a classification system to be able to be able to talk about the charecters more easily.

I think the more important thing is that there are more than one charecter with each general ability (more than one charecter with a heal, more than one charecter with a lot of mobility), and that the each have their strengths and weakneses.


Rath has survival through his lifesteal bit in no way is a tank

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where would you put him? im curious and want to update the post with what people think :stuck_out_tongue:

Melee or dos, but realm I’m with others with the opinion of not limiting characters to bubbles

hey i cant help my OCD :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just because we don’t all agree doesn’t mean you have to close it.

Disagreements are a good thing I the end

i will leave it open then :slight_smile:


Well my idea has just been totally blown out the water, apparently Ghalt is a Peacekeeper? honestly cant think of where to put him now XD so yeah my lists are ruined ahaha, but either way leaving this here as it holds some relative info :stuck_out_tongue:

I am kind of hoping that we won’t get the same role classification as in most of the MOBAs out there. I’d love the freedom to be able to choose whomever I want in a battle and not have to stick to some Meta someone pulled out of their rearend.

For example, even though Miko can heal, I hope I could still do decent damage or being something to the team other than just heals. Healers often get relegated to support roles in MOBAs. Support is frustrating because you often get less resources, spend a lot of time away from the action warding, and have to spend your resources on uncool things. Supports also get blown up easily if caught-out.

If Battleborn can avoid the meta trappings of MOBAs that make support/healers weaklings, or if they could avoid classifications like that in general, I’d be overjoyed.

Yeah, Gearbox has specified each character can/should be able to play how you want but they used Miko as a example, like you can go off and play stealthy and neglect your team, but you may want to at least let them know first otherwise people may get salty the “healer” isnt healing :stuck_out_tongue:

but never fear Miko can play as a Controller/DPS if you wanted following the correct skills :slight_smile: his poison tipped weaponry can be very effective :slight_smile: but obviously he wont be able to hit as hard a Boldur :wink:

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