Faction based Campaign

It would be wonderful if there was a faction based campaign-mode.
I find some of the lore-challenges (like playing with one other specific character in your team) to be a little cruel. I’ve played about 20 matches with Oscar Mike and never once played with Montana on my team for an example. Leaving my lore challenge uncompleated for god know how long. A faction based mode would help a lot! (And mix things up in campaign)

benedict “play with 3 other peace keepers” not including yourself so everyone but one person must be a peacekeeper. ive been playing battleborn alot am lv 46 only been able to get this 1/5. guess you need to have pre-mades for lore.

There definitely should be a lore que. I need seven matches with Ambra for Dende and Galilea.

Willing to be a lore challenge Deande, mostly play Thorn, level 39, but am getting real good with Deande now.

This would only split up the matchmaking queues more.

I think this would be much better accomplished with daily/weekly challeneges with incentives. Something like:

“For the next week, once per day, get a bonus UPR loot pack when you complete mission X with a full UPR team”

This type of thing would incentivize people to play outside their norm.