Faction based loot, gameplay and game mode

So far, besides there being factions, nothing special has been done with them. I think GBX should have some sort of bonus when everybody plays as the same faction (such as a faction pack for everyone) or when everybody plays as a different faction (maybe a rare or epic pack for everyone).

Also maybe add something in the gameplay, such as giving bonuses depending on which factions are being represented and amplifying the bonuses when more there are more characters of the faction. For example, If there is one character of each faction, you would gain a 5% bonus to movement speed, maximum health, health regen, skill damage, and skill cooldown (5% + 5% + 5% + 5% + 5% + 5% = 25%). If you had 2 Jennerit, 2 Eldrid, and 1 peacekeeper, you would gain a 15% bonus to health regen, a 15% bonus to maximum healh, and a 5% bonus to skill damage (5% + 10% for the Eldrid, 5% + 10% for the Jennerit, and 5% for the Peacekeeper). If you had 5 Jennerit characters, you would gain a 75% bonus to maximum health (5% + 10% + 15% + 20% + 25% = 75%). *the percentages are just examples

They should also add at least one game mode based on factions. I was thinking a tag-team last-man-standing type game with 5 bases in a pentagon formation with a central arena, and minions moving along two paths going towards your neighbouring opponents. Your faction would be eliminated if an enemy faction captured a capture point in front of your base, at which point you would be sent and restricted to the central arena where it will become a free-for-all and you try to get as many player kills as you can before one of the factions finishes the game.

These are just my ideas and are open to any suggestions or modifications you guys have.

Sorry for the long post :grin:


Sounds good to me! :acmaffirmative:

I’m not sure about the stat bonuses it would give pre-made teams of 5 an even bigger advantage then they already have…as for the game mode I love the idea it would be very unique and would be very fun but that would mean you’d have to find a game with 25 players n some people are having a hard time finding a game with 10 (not a problem for me but still) if they can get the population up or fix matchmaking this would be amazing

Well by tag-team I was more thinking 2 per team (3 at most), so you could either have one player go down each lane, one player push and the other defend or both push on lane. It would allow for more flexibility.

O well yea that could work lol sorry I thought you meant have five per faction

Also those percentages were just examples, I just thought that it would make people consider the team as a whole instead of only their own opinion.

Only thing about Faction vs Faction is Eldrid would win. They have some of the best heros in the game and they are all spread out for different roles.
The other Factions I could see being kinda even, but I think they would need to release some more Heros before they do this. Such as UPR needing a support, BOTH Jennerit and Rogue needing some type of tank.(Which is honestly not really needed)
But I like the idea.