Faction Based Team Battles

Plus my love for all things that are compartmentalized equals AWESOME CONCEPT!!

I feel with having five factions, five characters per faction(for now), five positions on a team and with multiple story and character bio references; This game demands it.

If you’ll allow me a moment of your time; What I’m talking about is each member of a team picking a character from the same faction and the other team doing the same for a different faction for what ( i hope) would be a interesting and fun experience.

Possibly played on game modes Capture or Incursion this could possibly be some modified version for “Turf Wars”. For now it would be fun just to get a couple gamer tags and have some fun but who knows; if this picks up enough steam, possibly a legit game mode could be added. With a matching system similar to how League of Legends’ “Team builder matching” works. With obvious exceptions. Basically you would pick a character or faction you wanted to play and get paired with four other people that also wanted to play the same faction. Then that team would get pitted against another in order to showcase not only their dominance but also how well teams can use that factions specialties and tactics to their advantage.

What I would like to do for now is for people looking for a little something different to post their gamer tags (me being an Xbox One player) and their preference for a faction. I will friend everybody that does post in hopes of gathering up enough people to actually make our dream a reality and invite you all to do the same. Thank you for your time.

I’ll start :slight_smile:
Preferance: Eldrid or any


Preference: Jennerit or Rogue

I’d LOVE to see this implemented, tho it’d probably be better with higher level players, so everyone has all the characters unlocked.


I agree, maybe I’ll repost in a month or so but still I appreciate the friend add:-)

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No problem :wink: Hope to see you in the game

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I’d like to see this further down the line, when every faction has at least 7+ characters. Right now, factions are a bit small.


I hope we can get 7+ without losing that character uniqueness. If every team had a marquis clone, that might be disapointing. Right now I’m just happy with the garenteed 6 per faction.

Also as a side note just thought about trying out some story missions on hardcore and challenging modes with only members from the same faction…


Ingenious idea friend! Imagine the fear you’ll put on players faces when they see a high lvl and well trained faction lol. I can’t wait for next week. My GT is SULPHUR G3 add me and we’ll bring the pain!

Awesome!! What faction are you looking forward to most?

Oh sry forgot to mention lol. I’m Rouge Battalion till I die lol!

@leodiablo I been reading about this topic in other forums here.
Currenty some factions have no suport Team healers.
Factions need to be balanced and currenty there not.
That’s my two bits.

@leodiablo story mision on hardcore mmm maybe after 1 month I want to train story misions in single player before I take on Hardcore because as Milko I need to carry a Team that means I need to Master every move.

I was like hmm :thinking: Awesome idea, then I saw the gamertag lol wassup WHOOP

Bit of an old post, but I’d still be down if this was implemented - last time I played an all Eldrid team to help out someone’s Boldur lore, we kicked ass.

Maybe even for casual matchmaking everyone gets a bonus for picking all the same faction characters - All Eldrid team means everyone gets an extra +7 health regen, all Rogue means everyone gets -15% cooldown time, all LLC means everyone gets +140 shield capacity, all UPR means everyone gets +10% damage resistance, all Jennerit means everyone gets an additional 15% life steal. I dunno, just thought this would be cool.

Sup supa!
Yeah dude I think giving some slight boost in either direction would be cool.
It could even be a temporary thing like chaos rumble

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Now that they can easily mess around with this stuff, hopefully this will exist sometime soon. Sadly, nothing new can because the focus is on Faceoff. I would join but I’m on ps4

I myself would prefer Eldrid as well, I love my Alani when I support and Melka when an attacker is needed

Sumtinelse111 If you’re still trying for it i’m interested. UPR and Eldrid are my mains.