Faction Battle!

UPR vs. LLC vs. Rogues vs. Jennerit vs. Eldrid

Who would win in an ALL OUT WAR!!!

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LLC, they have an entire fleet and an army of robots, not to mention Phoebe ISIC kleese marquis kid ultra and el dragon


Jennerit are a war based people. Not to mention that their most elite warriors have a form of pseudo immortality. Also they have spent more time training soldiers and building/developing new weapons of war like Caldarius’s assault suit (remember that there is an entire legion of guys in those suits). They would probably come out on top.

UPR are military but they are just normal people. Some special cases like the aviants have more going for them than the average person but they can’t compare the the military power of the Jennerit.

LLC has a great deal of supplies and ships but the only sort of real ground troops they have are minion robotics and those aren’t that great.

Rouges aren’t an official organization and that actually would make them the hardest to deal with. The only real command they have is Reyna, other than that they work separately and taking down one group wouldn’t accomplish much. At the same time lack of organization limits what they are capable of doing against the other factions other than harassing them.

I say Eldrid would have the next best chance purely because of Boldur. Boldur has been known to fight off entire hoards of Varelsi by himself while casually singing about bears. I would say that the only way to kill Boldur would to destroy the entire planet that he’s on but I’m not sure because if he somehow survives the blast he can still survive in space without any protection for several hours or even longer. Other than Boldur the Eldrid have been known to not really do much on their own. Their government wasted the talents of Mellka (one of their strongest soldiers) to the point where she got tired of the lack of action and joined the UPR.


Mellka never quite the eldrid, or maybe she did but joined back, the LLC make profit from the wars, even the jennerit have to pay them for things, and remember the jennerit are very small considering we are talking about the rebels, and assault frame people we can assume are not NEARLY as skilled as caldarius, because if they were, how would the jennerit even have to worry

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A conversation from Mellka and Boldur from the experiment (not word for word due to imperfect human memory),

Boldur: Mellka who are your new friends? They, uh, they are not Eldrid.

Mellka: Yeah about that, I don’t work for the Observers anymore, I work for Ghalt. I got tired of the lack of action.

Boldur: Is this “Ghalt” also responsible for little oak’s horrid new hair cut?

The Jennerit Empire has lasted for nearly 20,000 years so I think they can manage without the LLC. Also if we are talking about just the rebels than you have to remember that is about half of the Jennerits and would still include several sustained, many officials and an army of thralls. The shock troopers wouldn’t be nearly as good as Caldarius would still be a massive threat. UPR engineers got there hands on some and could barely find anything that could be considered a weakness.

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The Spanish Inquisition!

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Basically, all Battleborn work for Ghalt. He began to gather the crew after he left UPR. So no, Mellka haven’t joined UPR.

Their are not many jennerit rebels though, we don’t know how many thralls are with them, also we don’t really know much about the war tech the other factions have, and in the renegade it does show two UPR ships easily blast down two jennerit ships




Of course I am going to say Jennerit and leave it at that. Let the backstabbing begin.


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Well, are we viewing each faction at the height of their powers, pre-Darkening?

Or are we viewing the Battleborns as the last of each faction?

Either way, the Rogues win. Why? Because they CAN’T be defeated. There will ALWAYS be an interstitial group of deviants within a society, which is essentially what the Rogues are to Solus; they will ALWAYS be around.

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Either way the Observers didn’t failed to take advantage of one of their best agents.

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I like the way you think, sir!

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Really the rogues will actually be the side that troubles each faction, tilting the winning sides

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Thank you, so do i. Sometimes…

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UPR = Military-themed group that views themselves as “peacekeepers”. So them killing everyone else is kind of an oxymoron, don’tcha think?

LLC = Corporate Organization that sells killing machines TO THE OTHER FACTIONS. So killing off everyone else wouldn’t be good for business.

Jennerit = Highly class-based society that is DEFINITELY okay with genocide, apparently; but who have been fractured as a group since Rendain took control of Tempest. Not really liked as a whole, and as the story shows, every other group (including defecting Jennerit) want them gone. So not really in a good place to win the faction war.

Eldrid = Dying race and way of life. So there’s really not enough of them to take on the other factions at this point, in my opinion.

Rogues = A disorganized pseudo-group of misfits, criminals, and elusives who couldn’t or didn’t fit in with the other factions for various reasons. In general, they don’t give a f**k, and do what they want, when they want, where they want, to WHO they want. Plus, as i already pointed out, they would always exist as part of whatever faction wins, since dissension and deviancy will always exist where there is an unequal distribution of wealth or freedom. Sounds like a winner to me.

EDIT: If Miko ended up being the last “race”, THEN “rogues” in general would most likely cease to exist, as i don’t think deviancy can exist in a hive-mind.