Faction Battles for Battleborn Anniversary?

As Battleborn approaches it’s one-year birthday, maybe it is finally time to settle the matter of who is the best faction? We could have a Faction Battles weekend, where each team can choose characters from only one faction. Perhaps something could be done with the pick/ban scheme to enable this? Perhaps a faction loot pack could be given to the winning faction of each match?


I would love custom matches, whether they be something we make or the devs put together. Faction battles would be a ball, but I don’t think that will happen any time soon no matter how much fun that would be.

There is no dislike button for me to press, but you are probably right. :cry:

The truth hurts sometimes. T.T

Future game goals though? Maybe some other time down the road we’ll even get to face off against a full team made entirely of Beatrix. Or Deande, I guess that would be fun too. Or melee only mode, no shields, and no gravity. I’d play that.


except that the eldrid would absolutely dominate right now

Deande Rumble strikes again! :smiley:

Please no Trixi though. Her silence aggravates me…


I’d be down for faction battles, but I’d be demanding the Jennerit every time because they’re my favourite. :heart:

Well… Most of the time. I would probably choose the Eldrid occasionally too… Maybe…


…Same, let’s give this game CPR.


Wait does this mean that if anyone wants to jump, they’ll jump all the way into space and die of oxygen deprivation besides all the robots? Because that would be amazing. Rath would own this game mode due to his knock-up, knocking everyone up into space. And imagine all the knock backs throwing everyone into a wall guaranteeing a stun. Best game mode over. No sarcasm either. We already had Warfare Rumble, there is no way this game mode be worse, right?

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Although this isn’t something the dev’s could even likely organize by the 3rd, it’s something that can still be done. If the community decides to organize faction battles, there’s really nothing stopping us from doing so. Just grab some friends and hop into queue, agree on a faction for the match and pick your characters. We could also organize faction 10-mans.


Nah there would be something stopping them from reaching space. Or half the challenge could be kill as many players as you can before you reach orbit. Or try to keep yourself as low as possible by hitting others.


Let’s set them up ourselves. if they’re for shenanigans I’m down for messing around on ps4, is there someone from Xbox to help facilitate that?

@FlamesForAll, @Phoenix-2613, @Nemosis327, @AncientBelgareth


Ill play Deande
Im helping


For the sake of allowing all to enjoy themselves with a limited pool I’d recommend thinking of a few characters(so that for example someone who is less fond of the jenerit aren’t stuck in it for long

Edit:I’ll post one for each faction for myself

LLC:kleese, marquis, isic, kid ultra
UPR: any/prefer OM or Ernest
Eldrid: miko, alani, thorn or boldur.
Jennerit: ambra, rath, or attikus
Rogue:pendles, Reyna, WF, Toby, and Shayne

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Im in!

In light of Gearbox not having a special event that day, I’d totally be down for helping to organize / host a day of shenanigans on the anniversary!


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I dont like many others.

but I guess I could play…um…thorn?

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Instead of playing as Deande, play as Kleese. That way you’ll go from playing sneaky assassin into a giant target.

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If @Nemosis327 teams up with me it will be too easy though, Kleese is my main(narrowly) so I can advise easily

Good one!



Can you believe this guy.

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I don’t see any similarities at all between the two hideously old, arrogant, skinny Battleborn with pointy chins, receding hairlines and bulbous foreheads who use their shields to pull off massive burst damage!