Faction Battles, please!

Now that Bots Battle is up and running, and every faction has 6 BB, I would like to propose that we have a variant match where each team must select their BB from a single faction. Hearkening back to the time before the factions allied against Rendain, or perhaps foreshadowing a future struggle for control of the last three planets in the universe, each game would pit the factions in a 5v5 death match!

I realise it’s a low-priority issue, but given how little diversity I see in Draft Mode right now, it might be fun to shake things up and make people consider other character’s strengths. Plus, it’s another way to get some data to judge the relative strength of the various BB.

I can’t set up a poll, but please like this post if you’re interested!


The idea is good. A lot of other games that have factions have this some sort of features so it would make sense that BB this.

Rogues shall wreck in this mode :sunglasses:

Don’t think I’d care for having only Kid ultra as my teams healer, or UPR having no healer at all.

At least UPR has two quality tank-y characters. :innocent:

Eldrid honestly would have this in the bag. Boldur + pocket Miko to tank, Kelvin to disrupt, Alani as backup burst healer, and of course Mellka as the lethal spearhead.

Sorry Teshka! To the bench with you! Right, guys? Right…? Guys? :cry:

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Not to mention the CC. Alani and Kelvin are enough alone, but Boldur and Miko (spore bomb is a great cc option) is enough. Eldrid are the most well-rounded.

UPR has best wave clear/AOE damage and defense. No true healer though.

Rogue has most maneuverability and is about on-par with Jennerit for damage.

Jennerit has damage and self-sustain.

LLC will level faster from building, and they also hit like a truck. Lotsa shield capability.

I think Rogue will win solely because of Orendi + Shayne. Shayne is a little too strong, and Orendi’s pillarstorm makes her straight broken.

I would try it but I feel UPR would be boned because they have no healers

Faction battles certainly make for interesting team comps but they’re hilarious. :laughing:

Myself and a group of friends decided to try it out for a bit of fun in QM and we went through every faction consecutively with the DLC characters forming their own 6th team. To make it more of a challenge, we refused to swap factions until we had won a game as them. (We ended up playing LLC twice because we lost the first game). :sweat_smile:

It was really fun and it would be great if they added this as a feature similar to CR. In the meantime though, if you can find a group of 5, I recommend you try it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Loved the ideia!

But how would a team of solos decide which faction they are going for? It can be votoed I guess. Like voting to ban a character, but this time you vote to decide which faction your team is getting.

I love this idea. I really love it when a group just decides to do this in matches.

Also, I’d not worry about a UPR team missing a healer. Put some regen on everyone and use Ernest’s defense egg as needed.

I always did enjoy this idea, make it 6v6 and 3 factions on a level.
EX: Jennerit v Eldrid v Rogues
Each faction has two other enemy factions to worry about. Forces you to be very very attentive.
Very chaotic and Seemingly fun as hell.

If it was its own queue, I’m sure they can work some coding to give each team a specific faction. So team 1 would only have UPR battleborn selectable, and team 2 would only have LLC. I would also prefer if it randomly selected your battleborn for you, so it could possibly end up pushing you outside of your comfort zone. I’m sure a lot of people have a faction, or at least a character in every faction they’re not good with. I’m bad with Attikus in Jennerit, El Dragon in LLC (Isn’t everyone?), Ghalt in UPR, Boldur in Eldrid, and Shayne in Rogue.

So with this game mode, it can help you get to know new strategies to beat the other factions. If you don’t know how to beat Eldrids with their potential for great health regen and healing and CC, this could help you learn. Factions work well with others in their faction. Eldrids can keep each other going, UPR can protect each other. LLC has great use of shields (Thanks, Kleese). Jennerit is well rounded and can keep themselves going, so they don’t need to worry as much about needing a teammate. And Rogues have Orendi’s Pillarstorm (Do they need anything else?). This mode can be fun and educational, great mode to have in the game.

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I’m afraid eldrid will have the best of it and UPR will have the worst. Solution? There are 6 members per faction, so let us ban 1… You won’t see double healer for eldrid, no Orendi for Rogues or Klesse for LLC.

Hard call… I want to say the Eldrid (ESPECIALLY if the Miko and Alani are both using the Pangenesis Glyph, because they would never die when working together); but we all know how effective a S&A/Reyna combo is as well, and Orendi is a top tier wave clear. Throw in Whiskey and Toby melting minions and tanky Battleborn at range, and you’ve got a pretty solid comp. UPR or LLC would get their asses handed to them without a proper healer, though the Jennerit would fare well with Beatrix and Ambra; though they don’t have a lot of ranged potential.

Still, i think the Eldrid with the right gear would be unstoppable.

Not to mention that the Eldrid Faction Legendaries are the toppest of tiers when it comes to faction legendaries. And yeah! Teshka can go sit somewhere where her angry screams won’t annoy anyone. :smiley:

That said, Rogues can give Eldrid a run for their money. Whiskey, Toby, Reyna, Orendi, and S&A love those yummy non-shielded crit spots (Miko and Kevin especially delicious). Also the Rogues have access to some pretty cool gear as well.

@Whoever said the UPR has no healer, They have GALILEA and her Desecrate that does literally EVERYTHING including AoE healing. lol

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Haha, i like how we came up with the same comp. Poor, useless Pendles… Also, the Rogues are EASILY the coolest faction, because they are all about being a safehaven for the rejected, the reclusive and the deviant. The Eldrid are just Laaaaame; knowledge and nature… Pfft.

As an Orendi Main I just love watching the world burn…but only if I’m the one doing the actual burning.

In the spirit of @HandsomeCam; has anybody killed Galilea as Orendi recently and heard some of those quotes? THEY’RE FREAKING GLORIOUS. If you haven’t, GO KILL GALILEA AS ORENDI NOOOOOOOW.

I have not. TELL ME!!

Honestly just because they have two healers doesn’t mean they will win. Miko has a huge crit spot, Rogues have a Whiskey Foxtrot. Miko+Foxtrot=Tea Ceremony. As for Alani, UPR has Montana, lumberjack Alani into a wall and stun her, and she’s as good as dead against Montana’s Machine gun. And what about Boldur you say? Jennerit has both Ambra and Beatrix. Both have a way to bypass his shield in one way or another.

If you want an example from each faction that can beat the Eldrids I can try that. Eldrids wouldn’t be as unstoppable as people think they would be. But if this ever does happen, I might just want to keep those tips to myself.

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Agreed. I could see it working like Draft. As you said, each team gets to vote on a faction. However, if the vote is a tiebreaker, then the game could choose at random between the factions with the most votes. This could also allow a chance for counter picking. I think both teams should also be allowed to have the same faction if they wanted, because if two teams can have the same characters in regular PvP, why not here too? I’m not sure about banning a character though because if you’re last pick, and one character is banned, that means you’re forced to play one specific character that’s left over.

The only reason why I would prefer it if each team was allowed to vote on a faction (and also be allowed to have the same faction), rather than the game allocating a random one, is because some of the factions/characters are more suited to different game modes/maps. By giving freedom of choice, it allows teams to decide on a strategy for their faction depending on what the map vote was. Otherwise you could be stuck with the U.P.R on incursion, who have a tank with no healer, against a team of Eldrid, who have two healers and two tanks. I’m not saying it would be impossible to win, because in the end it all comes down to skill, but it would be very difficult. :confounded: