Faction loot pack from marketplace : are they bugged?

Hi :blush: !

So there is something that makes me think the faction loot pack from Marketplace are bugged :confused: !!!

For example, everytime I levelled a character and got a loot pack (thus NOT from marketplace) from it then I got either a skin or a taunt and on a few rare occasions I got both.

The other day, I bought like more than 10 Eldrid packs from the marketplace so as to possibly get a new taunt for Alani since the lore one is insane to get.

Results for more than 10 Eldrid packs from Marketplace = 0 skins, 0 taunts :frowning: !

So, and even if my sample size is relatively small, so far, FOR ME, the chance at getting any kind of appearance is like this :

  • From levelling faction loot packs 100%
  • From marketplace faction loot packs 0%

Sad Panda…

The packs rewarded from progression are “Command” faction packs.

The ones you purchase are basic faction packs.

Think of purchased packs as tier 1, while command packs are tier 2.

Oh I see :flushed: !

Well thanks for the info…

I’ve had at least one taunt from the marketplace packs, and I’m pretty sure I’ve had a couple of skins. Drop rates are pretty low, though.

So as I understand it this is meant so that we’d level the other BB we don’t usually play so as to “farm” the better packs right ?

Hmmmmmm, so much for choices :disappointed: !

I will add that I’ve gotten SEVERAL skins and taunts from the marketplace packs.
You can actually get both a skin AND a taunt (and I’ve had 2-3 packs end up with that).

The ones you get from leveling are different, as they are COMMAND packs, guaranteed one skin or taunt (or 500 coin if you already had it).


Either that or farm loads of credits for marketplace packs and pray to RNGesus before opening each one.

As far as the command packs go, I’d like to see some sort of in-game events pop up now and again to earn bonus packs on your character/faction of choice. It would be a bit nicer that having to level characters that don’t interest you/fit your playstyle.

The amount of coins you gain from duplicates varies. Not sure what the amounts are, though.

Wait can someone tell me if the command packs are available when levelling other Battleborns or is it only when levelling the command rank (aka whole account : green rank circle) ???


Interesting, its always been 500 for me :slight_smile:

@shoogli - Command Packs are only received every 5 Command Rank levels (I believe).

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Oh ok thanks, and then anyone remembers at what lvl does a starting Battleborn get a normal faction loot pack perhaps ?

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I have only ever received 500 as well. Someone else told me on the forums that duplicate taunts are 1000 but ive never received anything other than 500

I’ve heard of people getting above and below 500. I don’t remember any details though, but neither is a fact. (Only 500 or other amounts)

But nevertheless no one wants below 1900 credits when they could have gotten a skin or a taunt they didn’t have yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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