Faction Loot Packs?

So I’m guessing they are the only way to get new skins ? Any of you got good stuff from them? Should I keep my credits ?

I’m not 100% sure that you can only get skins and taunts from them (i haven’t opened a ton of epic packs), but this has been my experience. Epic packs are definitely better for legendary gear, but since faction packs are much cheaper, and i have gotten a few legendaries from them, i only buy them; mostly for taunts.

They give some gear with specifics for the factions but I haven’t seen skins and taunts in them so I was wondering where we could find them.

Faction loot packs are the only way to get 2 of the 5 taunts currently in the game for each character. 6 taunts were included as part of the digital deluxe so they were removed from their respective faction loot packs (so 9 possible taunts per faction loot pack). They are very rare but they do exist.

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I forgot to mention, there are also 3 skins for each character too that can be found in faction loot packs.

  • Dark Pink + Light Blue with Green highlights
  • White + Grey + Light Blue highlights
  • Purple + Yellow.

You can check out the names and icons for them in my visual guide.