Faction Pack Skin/Taunt Drop Rates

So far I’ve bought around 7 Jennerit skin packs and I haven’t gotten a single skin or taunt. I may just be unlucky, but that seems kind of ridiculous considering the fact that if I do every get a skin or taunt, which already has a low drop rate, I may never actually get something for the character I want. That just seems really frustrating considering it is the only way to get some of the skins and taunts. I think the drop rate for actual skins and taunts should be increased.

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I average 1 in every 5 packs~

I think you’re just unlucky =(

The rate is a little stingy, I agree. 70 matches in the bag, and I’ve only gotten 5 taunts/colors altogether–none that were for any character I played.

An increase would be nice.

I am 0 for 4 for Jennerit and Eldrid and 1 for 1 for Rogue.

I’ve seen a fair number so can’t really relate. I’ve gotten skins for Ambra, Kelvin, Caldarius, Kleese, probably more and taunts for Ambra, Phoebe, Attikus, etc.

It seems like if I buy several packs to try and get taunts, I get nothing. If I’m rewarded one for leveling a character I almost always see something in that pack. Probably coincidence.

I kind of assumed so, but still that drop rate is really low considering after that I have a 1 in 5 chance of it being for the character I want.

I think the packs you get at various command and character ranks are ‘Command Packs’. I’ve gotten a couple of skins from these but nothing at all from the standard packs you can buy. Seems the ‘Command Packs’ have a higher chance to drop skins/taunts, but frustrating that the standard chance is apparently quite low. That’s my experience at least.
Note that I’ve brought around 15 standard packs and not seen a thing apart from regular gear.

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The last 4 faction packs I’ve bought have all had a taunt or skin in them. Guess I’m hogging all the good luck. :slight_smile:

You’re absolutely correct, I noticed this last night all the way at command level 34. lol I’ve gotten them in other packs but very rarely, the multitude I have are because I’ve gotten enough of these command packs.

Also I bought two epic loot packs and got a legendary… Shadoculars. I wish there was a fire place in the command menu where I could have Attikus throw it in the flames and watch it melt.

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The command packs have a guaranteed skin and a chance for a taunt (instead of a skin). I’ve also noticed that the description says that each faction gives you different types of gear so that’s something to think about. Still annoyed that I haven’t gotten any skins for the character I want. I have gotten two for my least favorite character in the game, so there’s that. I also got Attikus’s fart taunt, which would be cool if I used Attikus.


WTF he has a fart taunt?! Must… get…

It’s pretty nasty lookin

Ah guaranteed? I must have missed that. Good to know, though a bit of a bummer given how infrequently they pop up. I suppose that’s decent motivation to try and get as many characters as possible levelled up beyond just a few matches.
I’m fairly sure but can we confirm that you can get the command packs from both character and command rank levels?

I’ve probably bought around 50 packs minimum so far, and haven’t gotten one single taunt. Not even one. Or maybe just one. And only some skins for characters I don’t really play. What a downer :sleepy: I’ve never had good RNG luck…

It would be nice to be able to buy a command pack for about the same as an epic pack. I’d like to have the option to spend more, but be guaranteed results.

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Agreed, that would be a great option. Gearbox, take note :grin: