Faction passives?

Good day to everyone that is reading this.

During my time playing Battleborn one thing has always eluded me. Why there aren’t any faction passives? If they are there and I’ve not noticed them then i apologize and please point me in the direction that they are located at.

I’ve been thinking what they could possibly be and here is a list of what i think they should be.

LLC - reduced buildable cost.

ROGUE - increased shard gain.

JENNERIT - increased attack. (speed or damage)

UPR - increased defense.

ELDRID - reduced CC duration.

These are just possibilities. If anyone else has thought about faction passives than please put what you think they could be as well.

Thank you for reading this post.

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In fact there are some sorts of passive/speciality for factions

All Jennerit have LifeSteal
Eldrid have no Shield but a passive Life Regen
Rogue have some Shield Pen and/or Bonus dmg to shield helix

LLC have some helix based on shield but not Marquis
RPU… they all have Reload (overcharge for montana) related helix but not Galilea

[quote=“tbawin, post:2, topic:1540999, full:true”]but not Galilea

That’s because Galilea is actually Eldrid who spied on the Jennerit and, after stuff went crazy for her, only joined the UPR because she was wrecking ■■■■ on one of their planets, too ashamed to return to either the Jennerit or Eldrid.

I haven’t really played the UPR characters (other than Galilea) much, so I’m not sure what their unifying mechanic might be. Maybe they’re just kind of the “vanilla” faction from which everyone else is measured against?

I’ve always seen UPR as the faction most defined by their equipment, maybe with the exception of Gali (somewhat) Benedict, Ghalt and Montana are defined by their guns, and OM by his 'nades. Ghalt has extra ‘tools’ in his scrap traps and chain. A case for Gali can be made for her Greatsword and Shield, though the emphasis isn’t nearly as huge as it is with the other characters.

Yeah, guns makes sense. And Galilea is probably gonna join the Rogues at some point and then become a business tycoon and then just quit the Battleborn cuz she’s done it all.