Faction Polls Galore!

Naturally as awesome. I am First of the Hawk Star.

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And Thorn, Kelvin and Melka. To be honest I don’t take seriously any request for buffs for Melka. The character is a real nightmare to face the way it is.

What the guy above me said. A good melka makes me want to quit the game XD

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Mellka doesn’t necessarily need a “buff” but there are very legitimate reasons to think she needs a rework - one entire side of her helix tree is absolutely terrible. I’ve never really found her hard to go up against, but I’m sure it helps having a ton of experience with the way she moves… people just gotta play more Mellka to learn how to beat Mellka!

Melka is thin, lightweight and mobile as a pinball ball. Can’t hit Melka as she jumps and moves without stopping, not to mention his poison DoT. If they give more resources to it through new helix it will be worse than Galilea which really deserves a total rework.

I can quite regularly land canisters and Blade Launchers on bunny-hopping enemy Mellkas, and I’m on PS4… dance with her for a while to get a sense of her tempo, wait for her to burn Spike/Air Stall so she’s got a more predicable arc, and nab her during her considerable hang-time. She’s a little bit floaty, which works both for and against her.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by “more resources” - if she had improved helixes, she’d have more versatility, that’s all


Favorite faction = favorite character regardless of the rest of the faction lol same for against

More resources would be more melee combat options or stronger poison, for example. If in addition to what she has she gained more mobility or more resources to, for example, get quick, give a powerful combo and get away with their mobility, she would be worse than Pendles which is already complicated with its invisibility but doesn’t have as many features of escape when uncloaked.

PS: I apologize for my English. English is not my native language and I didn’t have a proper study of the language.

Nice to see all the eldrid love. The kelvinites appreciate you.

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Your English is fine :slight_smile: what I mean is, having a helix rework wouldn’t give her more resources, but different resources. No character gets to pick all their good helixes, but Mell is in a situation where she usually has only one viable choice. If she had good melee helixes, for example, and a way to sustain herself without being hyperactive, you’d not have to encounter so many bouncy-shooty ones!


Ah yes, perfect. You say if she had one side of the Helix that allow another play style more “on the ground” and less in the air jumping like a frog. Perfect, agreed. :slight_smile:


Well, many hate Miko. And Alani’s geyser and burst heal. And thorns ult (no complaints any more lol). Mellka is a pain to play against by design (less so now). Kelvin is fine.

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What do you mean “Kelvin is fine”? I demand his hatred! Lol jk.

Haha, he’s too nice to hate. And a good Kelvin is terrifying, but not in a “I’m here you’re dead” kinda way that people hate. Ooh, what system are you on?

I play on ps4. My PSN ID is Apophis_SunEater if anyone wants to add me.

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Yay! We’ve been building up a chat there to either party up or well, chat. I just added you

Cool, I’ll be on some time today but I’m not sure when.

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I am Sustained. #JenneritLifeChoseMe

Not happy to see my faction sitting at the bottom of the polls. Unfortunately, I am not surprised either.

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I contributed to that. Don’t enjoy Ghalt, never played Monty, OM is a worse WF, many hate playing against Gally, and Benedict can be fun but is the worst to play against. Many also hate Ernest. Twas eventual

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