Faction representation

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #22

Well he made a lot of puns, but yours was VERY insulting

(Benedict's Glorious Wingspan) #23

Oh, he was talkin’ sht about me all mission makin’ racist bird puns.
Even before the mission.
In fact… when he first met me…
I don’t take that sh
t, I send it right back… with Benedict’s special spicy sassy salsa… 4 alarm…

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #24

Cmon you know making fun of him being a clone is a whole nother level of low.

(The One-Armed Bandit) #25

What about between factions? From what I know, Orendi REALLY hates Marquis and kinda Phoebe, because apparently they enslaved her family.
Whiskey Foxtrot has some interesting stuff between him and Oscar Mike in his lore, and one of his quotes when killing him is something like “You thought I wasn’t coming back? I ALWAYS come back!”

(Benedict's Glorious Wingspan) #26

He doesn’t like it, he can stop inviting me to his famous Turkey Tuesdays.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #27

Are you sure you didn’t get a payback kill when he said that

Turkeys are not related to you, you are an aviant, an alien and much more developed species

(The One-Armed Bandit) #28

It’s possible, but I’m not sure. In his lore he clearly knows OM personally - I could post screenshots of it if you want.
Also I have WF mastered, and that’s the only time I’ve heard that quote.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #29

Ok, I have both of their lore complete, it’s just that it really sounds like a payback line (your probably right, I’ve been trying to get oscar mike aLL the way before whiskey)

(The One-Armed Bandit) #30

Yeah, admittedly it does sound like a payback line.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #31

Off topic but what are some of the best payback lines you heard

(Benedict's Glorious Wingspan) #32

Yeah? Alright…
Then everyone should be ok with me starting "Monkey Mondays."
Where I take a less developed simian, roast it, and send out invitations to all the humans EVERY WEEK even if I KNOW it makes 'em uncomfortable.

ISIC walks in.

Damn! I can’t believe you beat me to it! I was gonna do “Monkey Mondays!” Oh well. Hey, you want some roasted warbler? It’s WARBLER WEDNESDAY!!!

Whips out a roasted warbler.


On topic… I’d like to change my most annoying pick for LLC from Marquis to ISIC. Actually… on second thought… can I pick two? It’s kind of a tie…

(The Red Bar Observer) #33

Gali is a vengeful wraith who went into self-imposed exile on a frozen world… If Reyna had approached her instead of Ghalt, do you think she’d have said no? And if so, what is it about the UPR that would have swayed her?

As for Attikus, read Reyna’s Valkyrie manifesto and ask yourself if he couldn’t see her as a supporter for the Thrall rebellion…

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #34

Galilea would not go into the swashbuckling life of a rogue, she wants honor and a reason to fight, and the UPR offered her that and cared nothing for her “problem” and gave her a home and reason to fight

Not gonna lie, attikus would definitely support the rogues in most cases and rogues the same, but attikus would never leave the thralls and what he considers home (now that you talked about reyna possibly supporting the thrall rebellion, I want some dialogue with them added in)

PS, the manifesto is the audio log right? If yes then I already heard it

(The Red Bar Observer) #35

I don’t think you need to sign up to a swashbuckling life to be a Rogue. I think Reyna espouses an anti-authoritarian ethos of independence - someone like Whiskey, for example, is surely more of a self-reliant lone wolf who just happens to respect Reyna. I think anyone who has some mistrust of authority and some deep seated grievance could have some affinity with the Rogues.

I’m not saying that Gali belongs with them: I don’t think she really belongs anywhere (it’s not like the UPR are actually good guys, after all…)

(The Red Bar Observer) #36

(those are good observations though, don’t get me wrong! I think I just see the Rogues as being a broader church than you do - they’d take Gali just as she is and give her comradeship, and that’s surely half the battle)

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #37

Thanks! The rogues are the most open in interpretation, you have good points too, whiskey, although he goes on mike killing sprees, does just want to be left alone, and respects reyna for saving him, who knows, he probably was hardly ever with them until battleborn team happened, as for galilea, your right, If she wanted to be left alone she may have just joined the rogues.

As for the UPR, their bad side REALLY needs to be explored more, oscar and whiskey are really the only ones that show a bad side to them. Heck even the eldrid have some bad stuff, galilea may not even know much about the dark part of the UPR

(Ambra's Arbiter) #38

According to devs, Orendi was captured by Marquis and a few others to keep her alive. She started screaming at Marquis. H mentioned a few things including slavery


Wait, do you still have the source of that info? I always wondered why Orendi was reacting like that to Marquis, as they didn’t seem to have any relation in lore/faction/story missions.

(Rick is my Spirit Animal) #40

It was in one of the latest Battleplans, let me see… Aha! Battleplan 9/15/2016

Copypasted from the Battleplan:

Per community request, we recently started adding some bits of lore to the Battleplan. After the discussion on the Battleborn subreddit57 in which we found some lines tucked away in PVP VO strongly implying that Orendi and her family were “enslaved” by Marquis at one point, we thought we’d address some of Orendi’s lore and sand that rough edge down a bit.

Orendi: everybody’s favorite four-armed menace to society, despite little being known of her personal history or the varimorph race in general. To that end, here is a glimmer of insight into the Chaos Witch and her people: the varimorphs are perhaps most famous for their ability to alter their DNA and physiology over time. This allows them to replicate certain technologies and traits through observation alone, even without understanding the underlying mechanism. However, the speed, accuracy, and complexity of morphing ability varies with the individual—morphing is an inherent trait, but also a skill that can be honed.

Their tribal culture is intensely distinct, and though most remain somewhat humanoid (for ease of communication with other races), there are a few “fringe” tribes that morph into wildly different, more “alien” forms. Of course, now that Etra (the varimorph star system) has been darkened, few tribes remain intact. Many established tribes’ forms were discarded to better adapt to new circumstances, while others were scattered during the evacuation (jointly carried out by the Eldrid and the LLC).

It was during her extraction, led by a Hemsworth expeditionary force, that Orendi first encountered Marquis and Phoebe. “Unstable” at the best of times, Orendi strongly objected to being “abducted”. For her “own safety”, her rescuers were forced to subdue her in order to get her safely off-world. Following an altercation with Marquis upon her waking (involving heated exchange of the terms “hobo” and “slaver”), she and the butler D’Caliber got off on the wrong foot, sparking a hatred she would go on to fan for the rest of their reluctant co-confinement aboard the Arcship Wallywig, and later, Nova.


Oh, I didn’t read the last one entirely, and the answer to that question I had for several months just had to be there, obviously. sheesh ^^"

Thanks :slight_smile: .

So can we say that she loves how much she hates marquis, then? x)