Faction Skins for those outside the faction

I’d like to see a skin for all the factions that apply to each Battleborn outside of that faction. They could even sell them as bundle packs per faction. Each pack would have 24 skins, because there’s 6 in the faction that don’t need their own skin.

LLC - White, Gold, Blue
Rogue - Orange, Black, Silver
Jennerit - Red, Black Silver
Peacekeepers - Green, Black, Silver
Eldrid is harder because you’ve got Miko, Thorn, and Boldur who are similar and imagine you’d go off them, but Kelvin, Melka, and Alani are different. So probably tan/light brown, black, and maybe red?

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They’ve already done a bunch of faction themed skins, we’ll just have to wait and see how many they plan to release!

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What faction ones have they done?

Rogue skin for Pheobe, Eldrid skins for Rath and Isic, Ghalt got a Jennerit skin, Miko has an LLC skin. That’s all I remember right now, I can’t check in-game unfortunately.

Well they did a rath and isic Eldrid theme, a miko skin with an LLC theme

Are they ones you pay for?

All platinum skins are paid, you can only get recolors for free.

Yeah, I know that. I’m asking if the cross faction ones they’ve done are just a recolor or a premium skin. I haven’t seen any of them.

They’re platinum skins so paid

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Sweet, thanks. I’ll look for them when I get home. I still want them to do one for everyone… which I know is a ton of skins… call them “Honorary Faction” Run around looking like an LLC Whiskey, all white, gold, blue, and glorious. A Rogue Beatrix. Etc.