Factions Relevance to Multiplayer?

Just wondering if the factions would have any relevance to the multiplayer? like i know they wont make it so the teams have to consist of the same faction, but wondering if there will be monthly targets to reach each month within the factions, the best way i can think to describe this is using the Mortal Kombat X Faction system as a example.

So the Player can choose what ever faction they like (that best suits them) but this doesnt lock them to what character they can play as, so for an example i love the look of Caldarius so far but would like to be fighting for the Rouges, and working with them in multiplayer to win and perhaps win some bonus loot along the way :wink:

Just a thought really as i like what Mortal Kombat have done, and with our community think it would be a great bonus thing to have :slight_smile:

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I’m not familiar with the MK lore at all, were characters classified in to a faction for plot purposes, or were the factions made up just for the multiplayer vs feature?

I personally would prefer that characters stuck to whatever factions their background specifies, even in PvP, but the story around the maps/missions/game-play modes specifies a compelling reason why characters from a different faction would put aside their differences and work together for a time.

The easiest way to explain the mortal kombat lore is its done in Realms (this isnt strickly speaking but makes things easier to explain) it kind of makes PvP a separate story line from the games actual story. so that any character can be in any faction. but kind of going off topic with this all X’D

Just wondering if anyone knows of any Faction based multiplayer?

@TigerShard i have to say i hope they have at least a game mode that makes the factions stay character specific :smiley:

Why would we want to limit ourselves to factions? I hope we can mix characters as we choose without any benefits or disbenefits.

I only suggest one game mode :stuck_out_tongue:

And in my first comment i suggest being able to mix characters into other factions (only for PvP) for Multiplayer events possibly to work as a community to win :smiley:

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We’re speculating it could be fun to have a game mode where your team can only be from one faction, or if there is a meta-game around the factions. For most of the game, we know the factions can be played together because of the videos we’ve seen.


Sorry I misunderstood =)

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But yeah i would really love on going multiplayer events to work as factions towards extra rewards and to just add a little bit more to PvP, to sum it up simply. I think it would give alot of players more of a reason to play and add more of an end goal to work towards in PvP :smiley:

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I’ve been curious as to whether the factions were balanced against each other, myself - clearly the individual characters have to be, but is an all Eldrid team able to compete with an all LLC team? I like the idea of a faction-restricted multiplayer option.

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Yeah, they could call it; ‘Faction Wars’

It would allow for a interesting paradigm shift entirely separate from the meta-game of the main pvp modes. With certain faction teams better at certain things; Eldrid better at healing and dot, UPK at dps and tanking, LLC at mix up strategies and sniping and Rogues at buffs and shield regen for example.

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One problem is that having too many gamemodes can split the playerbase and all but the big ones end up dead.

My idea which I posted in another thread would be to have a playlist of “weird” gamemodes that wouldnt have enough appeal to sustain their own playerbase. So it could be updated regularly with whatever GBX thinks up.

  • A gamemode where its forced to play as Faction VS Faction with no doubling up on characters.
  • My previous idea of eveeryone playing Benedict and the only attack you have is the guided missle.
  • A “gun game” clone, where its FFA and every kill you change Battleborn every kill.

As far as i can tell all the factions will be balance to a certain extent (there will always be balancing issues in PvP) but it looks like each Faction will have each of there own Role, so Tank, Sniper (Control), Support and standard soldier :smiley: which in theory makes for balanced teams :wink:

Edit: My mistake i left out Healer Facepalm

i like your ‘faction wars’ idea @Jax_Rift

i know gear has faction based boosts, so you would all benefit if one character (or more) has an faction boost skill in their gear.

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I think a really cool way to get around the oversaturation would be if they set up a bunch of smaller ones on a roatation, so, for example, the first week is faction wars, the second week: 1v1’s, the third week: all for one(everybody playes the same hero), and so on.

Another benefit of this, is that if they come up with an idea for a cool new gamemode, they could just build it and toss it into the rotation, and if people like it they could make it a peremnant addition.


Yeah, i agree
it could be like the lab mode from the uncharted mp, where they switch up modes and give rewards (loot/skins) weekly/monthly as incentives for playing them.

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Yeah that was my intention (kinda forgot to specify in this thread though).

Maybe 2 active at a time and the players vote before a match, that way they can see what people enjoy more, and design new modes based on what the community enjoys.

If this hyperthetical “lab” was introduced I would absolutely love if every new gamemode was added into custom games.

Or better yet: give players all the tools to make up their own gamemode in custom games and share it with other players,

If it got popular enough GBX could put it in weekly rotation for “the lab” with a little “gamemode created by Mr_Sandman” in bottom corner of the loading screen.

That’s exactly where I got the idea.

Uncharted 2’s multiplayer was legitimantly the best online mode I’ve ever played.

It was fair, balanced, great variety in gamemodes and maps, so many skins to choose from (yeah I bought the DLC so I could play as a Chimera).

And the dev involvement was great, Christmas hats during the holidays, everyone forced to use Doughnut Drake/Doughnut Lazarivich on Thanksgiving and so much more.

If GBX can support BattleBorn’s mp as well as Naughty Dog did I’ll be very happy.

This would be awesome!

I’m figuring it would be like Factions in Mortal Kombat X. You get rewards for whomever’s faction wins the most or something.

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yeah this is the main thing i would love to see :smiley:

Only thing I can see about the factions is Jennerit have some form of life steal and are short ranged guns mostly melee. Eldrid have the whole no sheild thing going on. Rouge seem to have highest burst damage. Peace keepers have an all around feel. LLC seem to have sheild abilities to buff or pen. Would like to see a play list for the factions with a rotation on the characters so you can play them all at least once.

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