Fade away, an issue or im missing something

So I am having an issue, either i never noticed before or it’s with the new Dlc, but while in fade away im getting tracked by enemies. I only noticed it recently enemy’s like Badasses and bosses still target me while fade away is active. Wasn’t bothering me too much till i got to Fabricator, and I had to litterally run around the entire map waiting for my cool down. Then just to test my theory, i used the skill moved to a different location and all the while was still getting shot at. Is that normal? I thought invisible was unseen?

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I have noticed this a little as well, not sure though. I have noticed I’m getting shot while in fade away more often lately, but I just thought it was my mistake.

Yea sadly fade away does not work as described enemies will still target u and you actually arent benefiting from hidden machine u only benefit from it in multiplayer and when u make ur pet taunt

I have been thinking this for a while, even before the dlc, mostly wit badasses but while playing through the dlc it was very clear that they are. I’ve also notice that frozen enemies still track me.
Basically I was standing infront of an enemy using a cryo lucians call in fade away froze him and started to circle him and could see the lazer tracking me

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played through the dlc and noticed that all melee based enemies will track you in fade away for sure. somethings not right, it wasn’t like this before the dlc, for me at least. only time you don’t get tracked is when you pet is alive, but that’s not very often or for very long.

Yep hidden machines doesnt work, fade away no longer hides you from enemies which causes the damage from the skill that gives you bonus damage while not targeted to well NOT WORK. Hey Gearbox stop breaking everything Fl4k

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