Fade Away and Melee

I started a run using Fade Away tonight and I was so happy to find out that melee attacks don’t count towards the 3 shots for breaking invisibility. I got the melee gun that does more damage if you backstab (buttstab :P) enemies and it was being ridiculously fun. Run around backstabbing enemies until the Fade Away timer starts to get low, then switch to a Jakobs shotgun and get 3 huge shots.

Anybody else messing around with melee + Fade Away on FL4K?

Or finding anything interesting about how FL4K’s skills work with melee?

I hadn’t thought much about melee on FL4K because they don’t have much melee-specific about them but I’m totally rethinking things now and kinda want to try building around this. Need to find a good roid shield and a way of breaking it while in Fade Away.

Anybody know if Unblinking Eye works with melee? I’m not high enough level to try it yet but I’m really curious if it buffs melee crit damage. Or if it counts as a hit and boosts crit damage so they could do melee-melee-shotgun 3 times while invisible and always get the highest Unblinking Eye crit damage on the shotgun. I need to mess around with this. I know crit boosting skills in BL2 didn’t boost melee crits, wondering if it’s the same in BL3 or not.


Only replying because I’m curious about this as well. I tried to do a melee build in the beginning (I’m only lvl12fyi) but wasn’t exactly kitted out for it and everything was destroying me so I changed to Shotgun Flak.
But the potential for a good melee build “feels” like it could be done ala Melee Zero but the thing is that since he doesn’t specialize or have a specific Melee tree like Amara then I’m thinking it isn’t going to be a top-tier build and more so for fun playstyles. Melee Zero worked because of his Closer and Backstabs and melee increases for HP then you count a Moxxi or Grog weapon to give you back health. And with Deception you could stay invis forever as long as you got melee kills.

With Flak I can see him murdering 1v1 enemies within his invisible window BUT once you are out of that…then what? You specced for melee but now you are weak because most of your buffs are in that tiny window. So you could either run around and hide for a few seconds to invis again OR just sadly spec into guns which is what Gearbox seems to want you to do. Most skills in all his trees are for Gun/Crit damage buffs for himself then obviously all the Pet Buffs.

My only hope is that Gearbox adds additional trees and maybe a melee tree for him sometime in the future. I believe they stated instead of additional DLC characters they would add onto the existing roster and flesh them out to perfection. Or at the very least there were hints of that. A melee focused Flak tree would be so much fun. The Pet could be a big gorilla or something haha

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