Fade Away bugs that need addressing

Is the bug that Fl4k can still be focused by enemies during fade away going to be fixed?
As of right now when fl4k goes into fade away he can still be focused by enemies and shot at.
This makes the skill even more useless than they are trying to make it.

Also is gearbox going to address if it’s a “bug” or intended change of 5 second duration to fade away , when they clearly stated in the patch notes that it would be 6 seconds.

Nothing is being said about this, even after a further patch. It’s like they are acting like everything is fine even though they had said it would be 6 seconds instead of 5.
Everything is not fine. This greatly affects FL4Ks survivability. Because that’s kill was not only use for damaged but to heal and get away as well.


Been noticing that too. Since the hotfix I’m targeted after going into fade away and die a lot. It should be an escape skill, too.
I also wondered why nobody adressed the fact, that it was stated the duration of GITM would be 6 seconds when it says 5 ingame.

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Gearbox gives 0 ■■■■■, except when it comes to poop jokes.

It’s why I switched up to the Rakk attack skill. I wondered what was going on with Fade Away and now that I know they nerf’d it, it makes sense. Nerf’s like this don’t need to happen, game companies sure know how to RUIN games for people. Great job Gearbox, great job!!!