Fade away build

This build focuses on fade away and includes a spiderant buddy. I haven’t fully read the whole skill tree yet, but this seems like a fun build.


A few suggestions.

  1. Fade Away has the worst cooldown/duration ration of FL4K’s action skills. It’s only available 1/3 of the time, compared to 2/3 for Gammaburst and a freaking ■■■■ ton for Rakk Attack. It really needs some kind of cooldown reduction to get in and out of it with any regularity. I understanding you’re using it more as a buff activator to get health regen, move speed, and aggro relief, but it would still help you to get in and out it more often so you get those buffs more.

  2. I’d suggest moving the 2 points from Grim Harvest and the 1 point from Sic Em’ for Head count OR Eager to Impress. 6% gun damage will mean nothing to you, and the single point in Sic Em’ won’t do much either.

  3. Your Spiderant is going to need some tankiness to survive getting beat on when it doesn’t have damage reduction. All My BFF’s will give it all of your regen, which is quite a lot in the stalker tree.

Here is how I would change up the skill build. Hope this helps.

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Thanks! Great tips!

I agree with boombumr that fade away has a tremendous cool down time.

This is the build I have been piecing together for a decent fade away. It would be best suited for a smg or other fast fire gun as it capitalizes on critical hits while offering great team support.

I admit that even this setup still need some tweaks to get it right but may give you another idea to enhance on the fade away action skill

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I saw a build that the guy really pumped a lot into keeping the invisibility open as long as possible, of course with all the points he had it was no problem to limit the damage ( I believe the first skill took away the 3 shots and all the bonus damage) but when he added back into the skill it was pretty much cloaked and dealing damage for a pretty long time.
I was a vid on youtube, I normally don’t bother with skill tree vids but for some reason Fl4ks skill tree is confusing the hell out of me

I just saw this video and they have a good idea there.

It gave me some ideas to improve my build.

Below is a link to the video if anyone wants to see it:


This looks similar to the one I looked at, let me try going to my history

OK … I found it ! ( like I said I am rubbish with YouTube)
This video is all the characters if you focused on solo runs ( like most of us)
The first quarter is FL4K and his skill is crazy long boost it’s like Zero on steroids and lasts a really long time.

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